The Lancôme and YSL Beauté stores: Redefining beauty in a contactless world

QATAR. L’Oréal Travel Retail has partnered with Qatar Duty Free to unveil two new store concepts – from Lancôme and YSL Beauté  – at Hamad International Airport.

The two new flagship stores are located beside each other within the retailer’s new beauty shop.

They offer an innovative beauty shopping experience that showcases L’Oréal Travel Retail’s latest beauty tech innovations.

French elegance and innovation: Lancôme

The Lancôme store was inspired by the brand’s core values of ‘French elegance and innovation’.

The 60sq m French apartment-inspired space features an eye-catching digital display with Lancôme’s Ô symbol at the entrance.

Inside, the store features a chandelier and wood flooring, offering a luxury café atmosphere enhanced with several beauty tech tools and digital touchpoints.

The Lancôme store highlights the brand’s core values of ‘French elegance and innovation’

A regional travel retail first with the launch of the Shade Finder Tool

It is the first store in the Europe Middle East Africa and India Travel Retail (TREMEAI) division to launch Lancôme’s new Shade Finder tool.

The pioneering tool uses skin tone measurement technology that can identify up to 22,500 shades.

The Shade Finder also measures skin intensity and undertone, allowing customers to find the perfect foundation for their specific skin tone.

The Lancôme Shade Finder Tool can match up to 22,500 skin tones

Redefining beauty in a contactless world: YSL Beauté 

The YSL Beauté store offers 30 sqm of premium retail space that combines luxury retail with leading beauty technology.

It is the first flagship store in TREMEAI Travel Retail to offer L’Oréal’s ModiFace technology.

Modiface uses artificial intelligence to allow travellers to virtually try-on a wide range of makeup products and beauty looks.

The YSL Beauté store showcases the brand’s new YSL Pure Shots skincare range

The YSL Beauté store also offers plenty of opportunity for personalisation, with a wide range of YSL Beauté products available for engraving.

In addition, the newly-launched YSL Pure Shots skincare line also makes its TREMEAI Travel Retail debut at the YSL Beauté store.

Travellers at Hamad International Airport can shop for six products — including four refillable serums —  from the YSL Pure Shots range.

The concept allows customers to personalise their YSL Beauté purchases with custom engraving and packaging

“The brand new Doha Cafés are a state-of-the-art beauty store, where travellers from everywhere in the world can engage with the best beauty brands,” commented L’Oréal Europe Middle East Africa India (TREMEAI) Travel Retail General Manager Gianguido Bianco.

“In the Lancôme and YSL Beauté counters, each customer will enjoy exciting, interactive, and immersive experiences through beauty tech innovations, digital augmented services, and connected and personalised advice and retailtainment.”

The company describes the two new stores as “exciting, interactive and immersive” experiences

Qatar Duty Free Vice President Operations Thabet Musleh added, “Qatar Duty Free is delighted to partner with L’Oréal Travel Retail Europe Middle East Africa India to launch the Lancôme and YSL Beauté boutiques at the new beauty shop in the award-winning Hamad International Airport.

“These two new stores engage shoppers in a unique way through interactive technologies and are a testament to our common vision of the ultimate beauty experience for all our travellers.”

Qatar Duty Free Vice President Operations Thabet Musleh highlights the partners’ common vision to offer the “ultimate beauty experience” to travellers at Hamad International Airport

FOOTNOTE: In related news, the Moodie Davitt Virtual Expo Company and leading B2B beauty title BW Confidential have progressed exciting plans to unveil Beauty Tech Live — a pioneering virtual event that will showcase the joint worlds of beauty and technology — on 12-16 April, 2021 (note new dates).

The trade event is the first virtual expo of its kind in the sector, bringing together the latest tech innovations and solutions across all stakeholders in the beauty industry. As with the hugely successful Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo held in October, Beauty Tech Live will also feature a one-month follow-up showcase.

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