USA. Lamar Advertising Company has been awarded a ten-year exclusive advertising concession for Southern California’s Ontario International Airport.

The out of home media company will launch a comprehensive airport advertising programme which will include indoor and outdoor advertising displays within Terminals 2 and 4. It will also cover airport parking venues and new billboard signage on airport property.

Ontario International Airport served more than 4.3 million passengers in 2016. Domestic and international passenger traffic increased +6.4% in the first half of 2017

New advertising opportunities will include in-terminal airport advertising displays. These are digital displays in concourses and baggage claims, backlit tension fabric signs and banners, sponsorships, marketing and branding packages, wallscapes and floor-mounted displays.

Advertising displays outside airport terminals include wallscapes, branded welcome signs and light pole banners.

In airport parking, there will be bus branding opportunities, wraps on gate arm faces at parking lot exits and advertising on parking lot tickets.

Outdoor advertising opportunities include static and digital billboard inventory on airport property reaching passengers as they enter, exit and pass by the airport.

“We believe our new partnership with Lamar Advertising Company further strengthens our position as the emerging global gateway airport in Southern California,” said Ontario International Airport Authority President Alan Wapner.

Lamar Advertising Company Director of Airport Business Development commented: “We’ve watched the progress of the airport and its journey to become an independent entity, and we are excited at the opportunities that [the airport] brings to national and local advertisers.”

Lamar operates advertising concessions at 21 airports that serve more than 150 million passengers annually.