INTERNATIONAL. Lagardère Travel Retail has committed to eliminating cage eggs from its global supply chain by 2025.

It won’t distribute any product containing eggs from hens raised in cages by that date.

The decision was taken in unison by all the Group’s subsidiaries, Lagardère said. It concerns all restaurants and points of sales operated by Lagardère Travel Retail in railway stations and airports in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Dag Rasmussen: “This shows our commitment to provide our customers with products of the highest possible quality”

“This decision shows our commitment to provide our customers with products of the highest possible quality,” said Lagardere Travel Retail Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Dag Rasmussen.

He thanked The Humane League, a nonprofit organisation that works to reduce the suffering of farm animals, “for their perseverance that has been instrumental in significantly improving the conditions in which animals are raised”.

Lagardère said the commitment was part of its global strategy supporting sustainable development. The Group is considering whether to take similar measures with other product categories.

Its Italian and German subsidiaries have already put an end to their supply in cage eggs and are now exclusively using cage-free eggs.

Lagardère Travel Retail’s announcement was applauded by the Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition of animal protection organisations which aims to free egg-laying hens from cages. It is an initiative of The Humane League.

Open Wing Alliance Manager Alexandria Beck commented: “As a pioneering global leader in the travel retail industry, this policy to source exclusively cage-free eggs will set a new standard for the travel industry worldwide.”

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