Kreol Travel Retail, led by A.S.Lal, will distribute Anchor milk powder in India and selected GCC airport duty free outlets

Kreol Travel Retail has announced that it will distribute Fonterra products, including Anchor milk powder, in India and selected GCC airport duty free outlets.

Fonterra, a leading multinational dairy co-operative owned by 13,000 New Zealand dairy farmers, is said to be the world’s largest exporter of dairy products. The company said its business is based on sourcing secure, high quality milk and unlocking its natural goodness in ways that add real value to consumers around the world.

“It starts with farmer shareholders who have built up their co-operative over the last 140 years, to become a world leader in dairy excellence. Supporting these farmers are 16,000 passionate people in New Zealand and around the world working to make dairy available to millions of consumers in 140 countries every day,” it stated.

Fonterra Operations Director Aamir W. Mehdi said: “We are keen to increase our market share in travel retail and are committed to our association with Kreol Trading which we expect will open a wider customer base to our Anchor brand milk powder.”

Kreol Trading Establishment and Kreol Travel Retail CEO A.S.Lal said: “We will be concentrating on Anchor Milk Powder tin and pouch packings as a first step.” With regards to the Arabian Gulf markets, he added: “Some of the top dairy brands share a notable presence on supermarket shelves because of their high quality. Fonterra is one of them.”

Lal described India as a “promising market”. The country is, according to Kreol Travel Retail, the world’s largest producer and consumer of dairy products.

“With the Indian economy growing at a steady pace and the rise in purchasing power, more people are able to consume dairy products on a regular basis. Yet the dairy sector in India is in serious need of modernisation. If the impediments to its development are left unaddressed, there will be a serious supply-demand mismatch which could turn India into a substantial importer of milk and milk products,” the company stated.

“Milk powder is an essential commodity in travel retail in the Arabian Gulf and the Indian subcontinent, unlike their counterparts around the globe,” Lal added. “Travellers are familiar with major brands and it is a must-carry-home item. We are very excited to be a channel partner of Fonterra. We have a dedicated team, from shelf merchandising to developing marketing strategy to logistics in the Indian subcontinent and GCC countries. We also undertake customising of displays for better visibility.”

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