UAE/AFRICA. UAE-based Kreol Travel Retail is partnering with Flemingo International to extend Sölen’s footprint into the African continent.

Kreol and Flemingo seal a new partnership to introduce Sölen confectionery to African travel retail. Pictured are (from left to right): Kreol Travel Retail Executive Director Kreol Arakulath, Flemingo International Managing Director Mahendra Thakar and Kreol Chief Executive A.S. Lal

Established in 1989, Sölen is a leading Turkish confectionery exporter. Its brands include Biscolata, Boombastic and Loopo, with over 20 products available in 120 countries.

Kreol Travel Retail Executive Director Kreol Arakulath said: “We have an enduring partnership with Sölen since 2015 and are now taking them along on our African journey with our first stop being the duty free outlets operated by Flemingo across the African continent.”

Sölen products are featured in the Flemingo duty free network throughout Africa

Flemingo International Travel Retail Managing Mahendra Thakar added: “We welcome Kreol Travel Retail and Sölen to our African operations.”