NETHERLANDS. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines surprised passengers yesterday on a New York-bound flight with a showcase of its revitalised and rebranded inflight luxury product range. The Moodie Report was on board to witness the unveiling of the new KLM Sky High Collection (formerly Inflight Boutique).

The Sky High Collection offers a refreshed product mix, keeping best sellers such as the Dutch caramel waffles (€5) and Russian trio jewellery set (€129), but adding some new brands and products. New fragrances include Les Parfums – five small (5ml) Dior feminine scents, Gucci Guilty Black men’s eau de toilette, Hugo Boss Red, and Gucci Premiere.

Skincare brand REN offers its sensitive skin trio while Swarovski’s Octea sports watch joins the new collection. Dutch designers are a highlight of KLM’s offer, with products including a black leather bracelet by Buddha to Buddha, and a purse designed exclusively for KLM by Fab.

As reported, KLM has started stocking liquor and tobacco after de-listing the categories over 25 years ago. The Sky High Collection offers Johnnie Walker Double Black whisky, Courvoisier XO Imperial and Dominican cigar selection box – all previously available on Inflight Boutique.

The airline partnered with leading Dutch photographer Carli Hermès to create the fresh design and create a unique inflight photographic exhibition based on the new collection.

Cabin crew took to the aisles to showcase the pictures, earning applause from passengers after the full collection had been unveiled. The images were then placed around the cabin, which became an instant onboard art gallery.

Provocative and challenging: Carli Hermès helped revitalise KLM’s inflight luxury retail offer

Carli Hermès, known for his often minimalist advertising campaigns for leading international brands including BMW and Nike, used a black and white colour scheme with a male and a female model to showcase KLM’s products.

To celebrate its Dutch roots, KLM has worked with established names in the Dutch design and culinary worlds for its onboard staff uniforms and business class catering. KLM Executive Vice President of Inflight Services Paul Elich told The Moodie Report that working with Hermès was the next step in strengthening the airline’s Dutch identity.

“The way Hermès presents our products is a little bit provocative, a little bit challenging,” he added. “And that is the way we want to be. We want to create something that people talk about after the flight. That is part of making a travel experience into a story.”