Bringing a slice of Australia to downtown Seoul: Jurlique’s new store at Hotel Lotte

SOUTH KOREA. Jurlique has created a new downtown concept store with Lotte Duty Free. The shop, which opened on 14 December 2007 in the Hotel Lotte main store in Seoul, covers around 15 sq m.

The initial results are “strong and ahead of plan”, Director Travel Retail Steve Tan told The Moodie Report. The best-sellers to date are the company’s Rosewater Balancing Mist, Herbal Recovery Gel and Elder Cream.

Tan explained how there were three main target markets for the store in Seoul. “The “˜Feel Good consumer’ is seeking out what makes them feel good on the inside and the outside,” he noted. “They connect to Jurlique’s natural luxury and won’t compromise on quality, efficacy or value, and they love our eco-friendly packaging.

“The ‘Insider/Outsider’ is the Jurlique consumer in Korea who is seeking the latest and greatest, and there have been many coming through Lotte in the past few weeks,” Tan added.

“They are gravitating towards Jurlique’s new counter design with its use of recycled timber salvaged from the recent demolition of the Singapore stadium, and the milk bottle-inspired Herbal Recovery [packaging complete] with origami cartons.”

Tan continued: “The ‘Earth Child’ is the third archetypal Jurlique consumer found at Lotte. They feel they have a moral responsibility to care for the earth and have always been attracted to the organic and bio-dynamic source of Jurlique’s ingredients grown on the company’s herb farms in South Australia. The Earth Child gets a real sense of the farm at Jurlique’s new Lotte stand.”


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