CHINA. Chinese Millennial travellers take an average of 5.8 trips per year, according to a new article from Jing Daily sister title Jing Travel.

It is the highest rate among all generations and nationalities surveyed in a new report assessing the behaviour of Chinese, British and American travellers.

The travel behaviour of Chinese Millennials is recorded in the new study, according to Jing Travel

Chinese Millennials are also very likely to take short trips according to the report compiled by Expedia Media Solutions, the advertising arm of Expedia Group. Only China’s Generation Z spent fewer days on vacation during their last trip.

Chinese travellers as a whole spend more of their budget on shopping, attractions, and tours than their UK and US counterparts, according to Expedia.

Relaxing, sightseeing and ‘family play’ are the most important things for vacationing Chinese Millennials.

Chinese Millennials also proved to be less fixed on what destinations to visit according to the report. They are heavily influenced by appealing imagery in adverts, much more so than older generations and other nationalities.

Chinese travellers as a whole are much more likely to use smartphones in all stages of travel than those from the UK and the USA. They are also almost twice as likely to research travel and look for inspiration than their overseas counterparts, “clearly illustrating the need for a mobile-heavy strategy in the Chinese travel market”, Jing Travel said.

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