UK. UK media company Ink is conducting its first Global Passenger Survey to create industry-standard research into the entire passenger journey experience.

The survey aims to offer exclusive insights into the way passengers interact with their airline of choice and also how they compare to other carriers. In addition, the research will provide independent intelligence for airports, retailers, brands, advertisers and media agencies into how passengers consume media on their travels.

The survey will consider the relationship between the airline and passenger, as well as the passenger and retail brands, throughout the complete travel journey experience.

“As the airline industry evolves, so do passenger behaviours. As a media company dedicated to connecting with travellers, it is vital that we all understand airline passengers in more depth in order to provide them with best possible and most relevant experience,” said Ink Chief Executive Jeffrey O’Rourke.

“Through our existing relationships with airlines and airports, our ownership of the Airline Retail Conference and China Travel Retail event, and ongoing involvement with the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), Ink is perfectly placed to capture unique new insights into how different travel media connects with different passenger segments.”

Bringing together the world’s leading airlines

Ink will conduct the research using passenger questionnaires and a panel survey, made up of airline-partner passenger respondents, who will form the core of a wider research initiative, designed to bring together the world’s leading airlines to create industry-standard research and insights into the total passenger journey experience.

O’Rourke continued: “Over the years the industry has talked about the relationship of the airport, the airline and brands as a ‘Trinity’. Our research will look at this relationship from a wider, more holistic perspective, putting the passenger at the centre of this relationship, and seeing them in the context of their entire journey experience.

“The Global Passenger Survey will provide unique insight into how the industry communicates with its customers throughout their journey, be it at the point of booking, check-in, security or boarding the plane. We are going to provide research that has never been done before to help the airlines, brands and airports better understand one of the most lucrative demographics in the world – travellers.”

The research will be launched over the first half of 2012, working with many of the world’s leading airlines. As well as the Global Passenger Survey, other research methodologies will include passenger questionnaires, footfall surveys and retinal eye tracking analysis.

Once complete, these insights will be published and made available by Ink to participating airlines and interested third parties, with a view to establishing a benchmark for future research.

About Ink

Ink is the global leader in connecting companies with travellers. As well as producing a number of inflight magazines, Ink reaches a captive audience of hundreds of millions of travellers each year with Targeted Advertising (TAD) on confirmation emails, check-in emails, print-at-home and mobile boarding passes and on onboard entertainment systems.

Ink works with over three dozen airlines, produces media in 17 languages, and sells advertising in over 100 countries. Its travel clients include Air France-KLM, Air Macau, Bangkok Airways, bmi, easyJet, Eurostar, Germanwings, Gulf Air, Jetstar, Ryanair, South African Express, Thai Airways, Tiger Airways, TurboJET (the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau), United Airlines, PrivatAir and Wizz Air.

Ink is the owner of the Airline Retail Conference (ARC) in Europe and Asia, the China Travel Retail conference in Shanghai, and produces the Airline Passenger Experience Media Platform in association with APEX, the Airline Passenger Experience Association. It also publishes CNBC Business magazine and Time Out Singapore. Visit