BRAZIL. Inframérica, the private operator of Brasilia Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport, is embarking on direct negotiations to contract more than 50 retail stores, restaurants, cafés and fast-food outlets to open ahead of the FIFA World Cup in June 2014.

“We want to close all contracts by July this year,” said Inframérica Commercial Director Daniel Ketchibachian

In the plan are 23 shops featuring clothing, cosmetics and general goods, and more than 30 dining options including a restaurant of at least 500sq m in the extended and renovated terminal.

The airport will also accommodate 27 new locations for services including a VIP Lounge of more than 1,500sq m, banks and currency exchange, and a mini-soccer stadium featuring a bar, restaurant and entertainment corner.

Details of each proposal are included in a deluxe boxed-set of four books issued this week to present Inframérica to leading national and international brands.

“We want the best food & beverage and retail brands, and we have been talking with them for some months already to present the project,” commented Daniel Ketchibachian, Commercial Director of the Inframérica consortium (made up of Corporación América, Infravix and Infraero).

“Our task has involved bringing in companies that are not used to working in airports in Brazil. Revenue from an airport store is greater than in shopping malls and all the major brands have shown enormous interest.

“Now the negotiations begin. We want to close all contracts by July this year.”

Brasilia is the leading domestic hub airport in Brazil, with 43% of flights having connections. A high percentage of passengers do not need to leave the restricted area, and spend on average two and a half hours at the airport. But Ketchibachian notes that almost all F&B, shopping and services choices are currently landside, beyond the reach of transit passengers.

“We’re going to change this. The offer of gastronomy, services and shopping will be much greater for the airside areas. The duty free area, for example, will quadruple.

“Just for food & beverage there will be at least 13 options in the restricted area, including a restaurant of more than 500q m,” Ketchibachian promised.

Inframérica will address the lack of airside commercial facilities in its redeveloped terminal

Planning and quality
The airport’s commercial book outlines not only numbers and size of spaces that will be commercialised, but also the location of each one with a description of the type of product or service that must be offered there.

“We decided what type of store or service would work in each of the spaces to be marketed, based on research into consumer behaviour,” Ketchibachian explained.

“In areas of quick passage, for example, we opted for ‘grab and go’ style cafés so that the passenger can easily obtain something to eat and then carry on. In the areas where we know that the passenger can spend more time, we have put restaurant or bar options.

“This is not just about selling spaces, but to market them in an intelligent way that is in line with the needs of passengers in that particular location of the airport.”

The offer has been designed around passengers needs at different stages of the journey

Beyond the careful planning of which services and product types will be offered to the passengers in each part of the airport, Inframérica’s commercial department has strived to guarantee overall quality.

Competition for spaces will be decided by considering a number of criteria, not only the rental price but also quality of service and cost effectiveness, outlined Ketchibachian. “We can’t have stores with poor service or value for money, and we’ll take this all into account during the negotiations.”

Below is a summary of available concessions.

More than 2,000sq m is to be divided into 23 options: clothing and accessories, pharmacy, toys, gourmet products, travel equipment, timepieces, sports accessories, fragrances and cosmetics, electronics and eyewear, among others. The Departures area will adopt a department store concept to enable passengers quickly to find what they want in the one area. “When boarding, passengers will be in a large department store,” said Ketchibachian.

Ground-floor landside Arrivals
1 convenience store of 70sq m

1st-floor Departures, 20 options
18 airside:
· 1 pharmacy of 110.2sq m
· 1 toy shop of 89.3sq m
· 1 gourmet products store of 142.6sq m
· 1 travel equipment store of 58.6sq m
· 2 clothing & accessories stores of 21sq m
· 2 clothing & accessories stores of 45sq m
· 2 clothing & accessories stores of 48.4sq m
· 1 watch store of 60sq m
· 1 sports accessories store of 79.7sq m
· 1 electronics store of 92.6sq m
· 1 convenience store of 78sq m
· 1 promotional item store of 21.8sq m
· 1 eyewear store of 5sq m
· 1 premium products store of 79.6sq m
· 1 fragrances & cosmetics store of 400sq m

2 landside:
· 1 pharmacy of 84sq m
· 1 convenience store of 147sq m

Airside pier: 2 options
· 1 bookstore of 146.8sq m
· 1 convenience store of 146.8sq m

There are more than 3,700sq m that will be divided into 31 dining options, with fast- food and ice-cream outlets, cafés, bars, a restaurant, and a mini-stadium that will be used as a restaurant and bar.

Ground-floor Arrivals, landside: 4 options
· 2 grab & go cafés of 84.8sq m and 23.3sq m
· 1 fast-food outlet of 232sq m
· 1 ice-cream parlour of 22.3sq m

1st-floor Departures
1 landside:
· 1 fast-food outlet of 282.7sq m
2 airside:
· 1 grab & go café of 232sq m
· 1 bar of 232sq m

Airside pier: 9 options
· 6 fast-food outlets – four of 40.3sq m, one each of 36sq m and 50.7sq m
· 2 grab & go cafés of 33.4sq m and 40.3sq m
· 1 bar of 90sq m

2 airside:
· 1 mini-stadium of 500sq m to be used as a bar and restaurant with TVs/entertainment
· 1 restaurant of 505sq m

14 landside:
· 10 fast-food outlets of 120sq m, 127sq m, 135.6sq m, 149sq m, 84.4sq m, 106sq m, 47sq m, 144sq m, 41sq m and 94sq m
· 1 bar of 221sq m
· 1 ice-cream parlour of 7sq m
· 1 breakfast grab & go 7sq m
· 1 Cyber Café of 94sq m

Dawning of a new era for Brasilia International Airport

Some 27 options are available, ranging from tourism services, currency exchange and luggage storage to ATMs, banks and baggage wrapping.

Ground-floor landside Arrivals
· 1 service desk space of 41sq m
· 9 tourism services spaces of 20sq m
· 1 inbound tourism space of 30sq m
· 1 foreign exchange house of 30sq m
· 1 luggage storage store of 35.4sq m
· ATM island of up to 16 machines
· ATM island of up to 25 machines

1st-floor landside Departures areas
· 1 baggage wrapping kiosk of 15.7sq m
· 1 news & books kiosk of 15.7sq m
· 2 news & books kiosks of 10.4sq m

Eight spaces, five of which must be banks, of 208sq m, 189sq m, 600sq m, 186sq m, 41sq m, 144.3sq m and 120sq m

Occupying much of the top floor, this will be accessible in two ways: by passenger with credit or frequent flyer cards or a system of individual or corporate purchases. It will offer the following services:

VIP Lounge
· Massage: quick service anti-stress massage
· Smoking terrace
· Free tablet service: exclusive use of tablets for this area
· Theme bar
· 24-hour medical assistance
· Postal services
· Private TV cabins
· Business centre: services and technology, hosting of business meetings
· Special assistance: personalised advice

Executive Lounge
· Fast Pass: quick access to boarding
· Executive check-in: VIP check-in area (located downstairs)
· Porter service (located downstairs)
· Executive secretary service
· Golf carts to shuttle passengers
· By invitation: external user access to the VIP room
· Meeting rooms: exclusive rooms for business meetings
· Valet parking (located downstairs)
· Before leaving home: assistance with services and products before accessing the VIP room

For further information or copies of Inframérica’s commercial book, email enquiries to Daniel Ketchibachian, Commercial Director