India play Australia on 19 November in the Cricket World Cup semi-final. The reader who most accurately answers the following questions will win the grand prize in our Readers’ Competition*.

  • Who will win the final, India or Australia?
  • Who will be player of the match?
  • Who will top score for India?
  • Who will top score for Australia?
  • Tie-breaker: How many runs will the winning team make?

Send your entries before the match by email to headed ‘India v Australia cricket’.

*You must be a member of the aviation or travel retail community. Judges’ decision final

INDIA. Australia and India, arch-rivals and titans of the game, will contest the Cricket World Cup final in Ahmedabad this Sunday and The Moodie Davitt Report is celebrating the occasion with another fantastic Readers’ Competition.

Courtesy of  The House of  Sōmrus (sponsor of The Moodie Blog) and its travel retail agent Duty Free Global, and independent Australian spirits company Otter Craft Distilling, we have two fantastic prizes to the lucky reader who wins our Cricket World Cup Readers’ Competition below.

The final takes place at 2pm Mumbai time on Sunday 19 November, so get your entry in quickly as you test your punditry skills.

The House of Sōmrus and Duty Free Global have joined forces to offer our winner a tastebud-tempting trip of Sōmrus Chai, Coffee and Mango cream liqueurs, an India-inspired hat trick of flavours delicious straight or (as the Aussies may be) on the rocks.

Julie and Eduard Otter, brother and sister Co-Founders of Sydney-based Otter Craft Distilling – the acronym OCD also stands for ‘Obsession, Creation, Destination’ – have generously complemented that offer with a bottle of the fabulous Mary St Citrus Gin, adorned just like the Australian cricket team in green and gold.

Smoother than a Virat Kohli on drive, fuller than a Mohammed Shami yorker, this trio of Sōmrus delights is on offer to our winner. Who will turn out to be the cream of the cricketing crop?

US-based, India-born House of Sōmrus Founder Pankaj K (PK) Garg has created one of the world’s great drinks success stories of the past decade.

You can read our fascinating interview with him here, in which PK Garg describes how he and his wife Swati came up with the Sōmrus recipe in their home kitchen as they strove to create the world’s first Indian cream liqueur.

PK Garg has taken Sōmrus from his home kitchen to an international success story

“My story is actually more than my story and than that of my brand. In some ways, it’s also the story of our country,” PK says.

In 2010, PK took a business class flight from Delhi to Chicago. “On the flight I had a spicy Indian meal… and they asked me what I would like for dessert. I am not a dessert person, so I asked for a 50cl miniature of Baileys Irish Cream instead. That was my nightcap and dessert – I loved Baileys. Then the lady serving me said we have a dessert from India, which I would highly recommend you try,” he recalls.

“The dessert in question was called rasmalai, very famous in India – if you wake up any Indian in their sleep and give them a spoon they’ll want a bowl of it! It’s that popular for a billion-plus people. So I wasn’t expecting much, but I had this fantastic bowl of rasmalai, which is made from cardamom, saffron, almond rose, pistachio, and cream.”

Suddenly the prospect of his Baileys paled alongside the explosion of delectable flavours in front of him. “That’s when the epiphany came to my mind,” PK remembers. “That dessert has a liquid emulsion of cream. I said, if this emulsion had alcohol in it then I would totally want it because that’s the flavour I like. And then I thought, ‘Oh my god, we have no drink like this in India that represents such a big civilisation.’” The rest is, as they say, history and today Sōmrus is a fast-growing force in North America and overseas, notably in duty free where Barry Geoghegan and the Duty Free Global team have done an outstanding job for the brand.

Wearing the green & gold: Mary St Citrus Gin, as traceable as a David Warner hook shot over the ropes and more sustainable than a Glen Maxwell double hundred

OCD boasts a similarly inspirational and perhaps unlikely entrepreneurial story. Eduard and Julie Otter’s respective backgrounds included strategic brand and business development, as well as CEO roles for local and international brands.

With a corporate background in hospitality, including almost three years at Pernod Ricard, Eduard began formulating ideas that reflected his love of whisky and other spirits, along with his strong respect for tradition, provenance and innovation.

In 2015, after years of experimentation and distillations in his garage – and creating his own mash by hand – Eduard produced the first 50-litre barrel of whisky.

“Every element of OCD reflects a process that combines tradition and innovation” – OCD Co-Founders Eduard and Julie Otter

In mid-2019 he and Julie walked away from their successful corporate careers to create the family business; an independent distillery which would use only sustainable and traceable ingredients and would reflect their shared values of creativity, style and taste. You can read their full story here.

Mary St Citrus Gin reflects the core DNA of the OCD brand, ensuring the best sourced botanicals, lengthy research and development and a distillation process that is aligned to the innovative methods the brand is recognised for.

The name reflects the location of where the gin was created at the original OCD distillery in Mary Street, St Peters.

The message on the bottle reads: ‘From our street to your street – however you want, wherever you want to, from wherever you are. The heart of Sydney’s inner west, from us to you – no judgement… just great gin!’

This delicious Citrus Gin is filled with sustainably sourced lemons, limes, oranges & mandarins.

It is notable also for:

  • Sustainable & traceable ingredients
  • Fair Trade payment to all suppliers
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Organic juniper base.
  • Being Australian-made

Last week’s results

And so to last week’s competition dedicated to the semi-final between India and New Zealand (the Black Caps) on 15 November. The reader who most accurately answered the following questions won the same trio of Sōmrus cream liqueurs as we are offering this week.

  • Who will win the semi-final, India or New Zealand? – Answer (alas): India
  • Who will be player of the match? – Answer: Mohammed Shami
  • Who will top score for India? – Answer: Virat Kohli (117)
  • Who will top score for New Zealand? – Answer: Darryl Mitchell (134)
  • Tie-breaker: How many runs will the winning team make? – Answer: India 397/4

Plenty of readers picked the winning team but the other questions proved more problematic.

Cream of the crop was ARI Senior Global Corporate Finance Accountant John Wallace, who also picked Virat Kohli as top scorer for India. Runner-up was King Power Group Hong Kong CEO Sunil Tuli, who got closest to the Indian score with his 343 projection but only had one earlier answer correct. John, a triple treat from the House of Sōmrus is on its way to you. Spread the word about this great liqueur. ✈ 

What more appropriate prize for our big cricketing competition could there be than Sōmrus, ‘Born of India, Made for the World’?

Mary St Citrus Gin is as full of great Aussie spirit as the nation’s cricket team

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