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Remember all those reports about a Chinese Customs crackdown on the daigou or shuttle trader business during the recent Golden Week Holiday? It certainly happened and indications are that periodic repeats will become the norm in coming months in advance of China’s new e-Commerce law taking effect in January.

But none of that noise seems to have concerned this couple as they set about repacking astonishingly large quantities of duty free goods at Gimhae International Airport in Busan, South Korea, this morning. This is a variation on the old student prank of how many people can you fit into a telephone box or a mini. So, just how many ‘select distribution’ beauty skus can you fit into an onboard holdall?

Answer, plenty. The daigou business may have slowed, and may even soon be on its last legs. But as the pictures above and below confirm, duty free daigou style is still alive and well in South Korea. Or should that be alive and sick?