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A few years back I described Taoyuan International as my favourite airport in the world, writes Martin Moodie. A fleeting visit there this week only reinforced that opinion.

I can think of no other airport that so affirms its national identity. It achieves this through brilliantly themed gate rooms; championing of local foods and products; beautifully curated museum stores; and an exhilarating airport-wide showcase of Taiwanese art, music and industry.

I was spoiled for choice therefore in my selection of Image of the Day, having visited both Terminal 1 and 2 today before flying out to Hong Kong. I’ve opted for a snap I took of one of the themed waiting lounges (gate rooms), in this case the Taiwanese Local Cuisine Waiting Lounge. What a vibrant mural, what a spectacular illustration of an important element of Taiwanese society.

There are many other concept lounges at Taoyuan International. There is simply no other airport in the world where the call ‘Go to gate’ is such a consummate pleasure.

*Note: The waiting lounges are managed by the airport’s leading travel retailers (currently Ever Rich Duty Free and Tasa Meng) under an unusual concession model, whereby the retailers are also responsible for numerous airport public services.