Arturs Saveljevs enters into the spirit (and sprint) of the occasion, trying to outrun the country’s 100 metre women’s champion Sindija Bukša. He has his work cut out – Ms Bukša is also the holder of the Latvian 100 metre record (11.29 seconds).

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What do you do if you have a long, boring walkway between airport terminals? Simple. You turn it into a running track and create a ‘Wall of Triumph’ to honour your country’s athletes.

That was the formula at Riga International Airport in Latvia where some of the country’s greatest athletes (Jānis Lūsis, 1968 Olympic javelin champion; Jeļena Prokopčuka, two-time winner of the New York marathon; and Sindija Bukša, all-time fastest Latvian 100m sprinter) turned out to last week’s opening of a unique airport facility.

Commercial Department Director Arturs Saveljevs said, “We turned the ‘defect’ into effect by turning the walkway into a running track and creating a Wall of Triumph of Latvian athletics next to it. Now the next time you fly from RIX you can challenge yourself and set your own record.

“I hope that the running track and the photos of the greatest Latvian athletes will inspire new athletes, passengers and employees to achieve new heights in sports.”

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Jānis Lūsis, 1968 Olympic javelin champion and a Latvian sporting hero, addresses guests.