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For today’s choice, I have opted for a video and an image rather than a single photo. I was prompted to do so by an excellent article in Jing Daily, our brilliant information-sharing business partner whose coverage of the Chinese luxury and travel markets is second to none (Jing Daily and Jing Travel Associate Editor Yiling Pang will speak at this year’s Trinity Forum in Shanghai).

In an insightful article headed ‘Airports: The Hot Spot for Experiential Luxury’, the (as it turns out) suitably named Rémi Blanchard writes, “A fierce competition led by shopping malls has pushed airports to upgrade their advertising space offer and welcome new digital formats. Innovations such as AI powered-personal concierge or real-time messages are becoming more popular in international airports and give brands more possibilities to create engaging content.”

Blanchard cites as the outstanding example Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, which it says is known as ‘Asia’s most digitalised airport platform’. The article points out that the busy southern Chinese gateway was selected this year by Rémy Martin to create a digital takeover (see YouTube video above) for its new VSOP Limited Edition Cognac, with a high-end, experience-oriented, digital advertising space. The installation features a giant set of video panels mounted on a ceiling that advertise the Cognac in an ‘immersion tunnel’.

[Click on the YouTube icon above to discover more about the amazing Rémy Martin & Matt W. Moore VSOP Limited Edition collaboration. For a shorter trailer click on the icon below]

The installation stems from Rémy Martin’s decision earlier this year to invite internationally-renowned graphic artist Matt W. Moore to introduce the next visual chapter of its centuries-old story brought to life through an exclusive VSOP Limited Edition and an Augmented Reality app [the Rémy Martin VSOP Limited Edition bottle together with a gift box is available at major retail and duty free points worldwide].

While Rémy Martin has long celebrated art, this intriguing collaboration brings the house’s traditional Cognac-making craftsmanship into a modern, cosmopolitan setting. Driven by the power of digital, Moore has created a visual narrative for the brand using his renowned ‘Vectorfunk’ abstract graphics to generate new and colourful energy and to harmonise history, Rémy Martin said.

#ARtbyRemyMartin: Rémy Martin and artist Matt W. Moore have teamed up to deliver a new perspective of the world around us.

FROM ART TO ARt #ARtbyremymartin

“Through augmented reality, let’s create things that have never been seen before,”said Moore in a press statement referring to ARt, an acronymn for Augmented Reality Tour, which is being celebrated in the form of City Tours in major cities, from New York and London to Moscow and Shanghai.

ARt is the world’s first brand activation that leverages ARKit technology through an art perspective. Playing with a vast pallet of 3D graphical elements inspired by Moore’s new visual universe, the consumer is free to become the artist, redesign the environment, and create their own unique vision of the world. Readers can download the App from Apple Store (ARt by Rémy Martin), create their own ARt world and share it with the hashtag #ARtbyRemyMartin.


“Frequent long waiting times are a feature of most airports and the great majority of brands must take advantage of it,” Jing Daily notes. “In this context, visitors become more receptive to entertaining experiences and breaking the monotony of the wait.”

We concur. In the forthcoming September edition of The Moodie Davitt Report Print & Online Magazine, I write, “Airport advertising, seemingly so vulnerable to the digital age, has instead embraced it to dramatic effect. Look at the startlingly effective fashion in which JCDecaux has partnered with LVMH Group brands to exploit the largest interior digital media format ever seen at Hong Kong International Airport – a staggering near-72 metres by 40.8 metres platform (pictured below). Brands brought to life on a thrilling global stage.”


Building on that premise, The Moodie Davitt Report can today announce that we’re going to do even more to bring those brand and communication executions to life – and to enhance that outstanding stage. Next month we launch a new monthly e-Zine, Sight Lines – The Amazing World of Airport Advertising, in which we profile advertising and communication initiatives across the fantastic crossroads of humanity that world airports represent. Each issue will build to a very special culmination in 2019. Details to follow next month.

“Digital ooh and social media are changing the airport advertising landscape and the challenges and opportunities it represents for the world’s leading brands.” – Irene Revilla, Publisher, The Moodie Davitt Report

Big, bold, beautiful: Dior finds extraordinary voice at Hong Kong International Airport.

The Moodie Davitt Report’s new Publisher Irene Revilla is playing a lead role in the new project.  Before joining The Moodie Davitt Report, Irene worked for WPP – the world leader in communications services – from 1999 to 2012 and from 2013 to 2018 as Global Head of Client Services (London) for WPP-owned Aviator/Kinetic. Her key clients and areas of responsibility included managing HSBC’s Global Airport Programme (30+ markets) – the most recognised airport and brand asset globally – and working closely with Chanel Travel Retail’s media, marketing and commercial teams.

“Digital ooh and social media are changing the airport advertising landscape and the challenges and opportunities it represents for the world’s leading brands,” Ms Revilla said. “We’re going to profile – in words, photos and video – all the latest campaigns; dig deep into communication strategies; and bring expert insights (from our editors and external contributors) of the vital role that airport advertising plays for the world’s leading brands.

Our spectacular new full-screen format e-Zine will provide a suitably impactful platform to convey the power of such communication.”

For details contact Irene Revilla at Irene@MoodieDavittReport.com

It’s all part of our all-embracing coverage of airport non-aeronautical services, including duty free and speciality retail, food & beverage, property, passenger lounges, car parking, hotels, hospital and other medical facilities, the Internet, advertising and related revenue streams.