USA. Dufry company Hudson Group has opened its latest speciality retail store at New York’s Empire State Building, in partnership with Empire State Realty Trust.

The Empire State Building Official Store is part of the new Empire State Building Observatory experience. Located on the second floor of one of the city’s major tourist attractions, the newly renovated 4,500sq ft retail space offers over 800 items exclusive to the location. These include destination mementos, curated souvenirs and luxury, as well as a new shop-in-shop experience, Empire on Fifth.

“Elevating the gift store experience”: Hudson’s latest store is part of US$160 million Observatory upgrade at the Empire State Building. (Photos: Business Wire)

The retailer said the design was inspired by the Empire State Building’s Art Deco style. In the new store, the four million-plus guests each year are greeted in multiple languages by a Welcome Wall that replicates the mural in the lobby of the Observatory entrance. They are then guided by upscale brand shops and an assortment of luxury products.

Much of the shop’s collection is designed exclusively for the Empire State Building Official Store. It includes brands such as Greg Norman Golf, Kate Spade, Lenox, Lamy, Zippo, Solvar, Vineyard Vines, Marley Audio and more.

In addition, visitors can find King Kong and Empire State Doorman Bear merchandise, highlighting the Empire State Building’s pop-culture history and tradition.

The renovated 4,500sq ft space offers over 800 items exclusive to the location, and builds on Hudson’s existing speciality retail base of over 300 stores in North America.

Another new aspect of the shop is the Fine Art collection. This includes a local artist wall which showcases artwork inspired by the Empire State Building and its place in the New York City skyline. Jeremy Wolff, a contemporary pop art artist based in New York City, is the first artist to be displayed.

The Fine Art section also includes a line of merchandise inspired by artist Stephen Wiltshire’s black-and white-panorama of New York City, which was drawn from memory live on-site at the Empire State Building after only a 45-minute helicopter ride.

“With our US$160 million Observatory upgrade, the redesign of our store elevates the retail experience at the Empire State Building and caters to our guest’s interests. From the King Kong section to exclusive merchandise from top brands Baccarat Crystal, Puma, Swarovski and more, there is something for everyone,” said Senior Vice President of the Observatory Jean-Yves Ghazi.

“Hudson Group is elevating the gift store experience in our properties across North America by bringing 30 years of travel retail experience to tourism,” said Hudson Group CEO Roger Fordyce. “We could not be prouder to partner with Empire State Realty Trust to offer this new amenity to visitors at the most recognised building in the world, the Empire State Building.”