INDIA. An innovative and hands-on approach to sustainability by one Travel Food Services (TFS) senior executive has saved the company millions of rupees across its network of more than 280 food & beverage outlets at airports and train stations.

TFS COO Gaurav Dewan was recently delayed for a flight at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. Wearing rubber gloves, he personally examined the contents of a rubbish bin in the GVK Lounge and observed that it was full of half-eaten desserts.

The GVK Lounge at Mumbai International managed by TFS: a look through a dustbin in the lounge led the company to overhaul its approach to sustainability.

Dewan said: “Each guest would pick a few [desserts] to see how it tasted. They would eat a spoonful and throw away the rest.”

After this “dustbin analysis”, in the company’s phrase, a survey bore out Dewan’s observations. Customers liked the taste of the desserts but felt the portion sizes could be smaller.

The company responded by offering a wider range of bite-size desserts. Following a successful pilot, TFS has rolled out the scheme across its quick-service restaurants, bars, food courts and lounges around India.

The smaller desserts alone are expected to save the company more than 10 million rupees (around US$140,000) this financial year.

At its food courts, TFS has recently abandoned excessive packaging and replaced it with greaseproof paper. This, too, has saved the company hundreds of thousands of rupees in costs.

Dewan said: “We are committed to make our business as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. The idea is to keep the planet healthy.”

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