USA. HMSHost has reported the installation of more than 50 self-order kiosks in the quick service restaurants it operates in airports and highway travel plazas across North America. The company said that the kiosks have already demonstrated a typical increase in average transaction value of around +20%.

The food & beverage service provider has partnered on the kiosks with QikServe, the Edinburgh-founded company behind the enterprise platform for guest self-service in hospitality.

The new self-order kiosks, introduced through a partnership with QikServe, can already be found in 50 of HMSHost’s food & beverage outlets across North America.

The platform seamlessly integrates with HMSHost’s point-of-sale system, allowing guests to browse the menu and make selections, order, and pay via an intuitive digital interface. The ordering process also includes a range of cross-selling and up-selling options for guests to add to their meals.

HMSHost outlined other benefits including combating long queues – particularly during the times of high customer volumes that are common in travel venues – and more flexible levels of interaction when customers place orders.

HMSHost Vice President of Innovation James Schmitz said: “We are confident that technology solutions like kiosk ordering are transforming the food industry. By introducing these innovations in travel venues, HMSHost is exposing people from all over the world to the technology-driven future of dining out.”

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The new self-order kiosks allow guests to browse the menu and make selections, order, and pay via an intuitive digital interface. HMSHost believes the introduction will not only cut down customer wait time but also increase spending.

Of his company’s partnership with HMSHost, QikServe Founder and CEO Daniel Rogers said: “I am delighted that we are delivering value for HMSHost while also bringing convenience to the traveller experience. This is a fantastic demonstration of how our integrated platform provides the flexibility to deliver a wide range of digital self-service experiences across the hospitality industry.”

HMSHost expects that kiosks featuring the QikServe technology will be deployed in approximately 100 locations by the end of 2019.

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