INDIA. Outdoor media company Times OOH has launched a campaign for electronics company Xiaomi across airports in India.

The campaign was created to showcase Xiaomi’s 2016 Mi India smartphone launches. It focuses on boosting purchase consideration during the festival shopping season among primarily domestic travellers.

Large format static media sites are being used in both arrivals and departures terminals at New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru airports. Times OOH said the sites selected for the campaign “ensured maximum exposure of the static message” by driving the impact and reach of the communication message in a relatively short period of time.


The Mi India smartphones feature as the dominant focus within the campaign message, Times OOH said, while brand identity, name and key features are also included.

Times OOH launched the campaign in the last week of September and it is running for a total of three months.

“As some of the highest footfall securing destinations, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore airport terminals offered the brand high reach among travellers allowing communication of the brand message as well as showcasing the range of popular smartphones from Mi India,” said Xiaomi India Head of Marketing Sushant Sreeram.

“The uncluttered visual landscape within these terminals meant high attention time and comprehension of the message that played a direct role in increasing demand for these smartphones during the festival shopping period of October. The campaign played a key role in Mi India selling more than one million smartphones in just 18 days of October, delivering well on its objective.”


Times OOH Chief Revenue Officer and Head Alternate Media Sharath Chandra commented: “We are delighted to have played our part in Xiaomi achieving an impactful launch. Apart from the significant size, these airport audiences are also the early adopters of cutting-edge technology brands such as Xiaomi.

“Their careful choice of iconic locations, the impactful sizes of these sites and the attention-arresting creatives played a vital role in enabling the brand to achieve its marketing objectives in a short time period.”