Art Miller: “I’m so pleased to be working with brands that are so dear to me, given my Hawaii roots”

Hawaiian Host has extended the remit of industry consultant Art Miller (Founder of Excel Brand Solutions) to include the company’s strategic entry into Eurozone travel retail and the DFS Group account outside the USA.

Selected domestic markets have also been added.

Hawaiian Host produces Hawaiian Host Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts and Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts.

Miller commented: “Hawaiian Host has gone from strength to strength in the region, building upon its sheer dominance in Hawaii and East Asia markets such as Japan and South Korea, and expanding elsewhere.

“In late 2016, Sam Ho was brought on as Sales Director for the entire Asia Pacific and EMEA region. Sam and I work closely together to develop new strategic paths for the brands, which are growing significantly in Asia travel retail locations, such as the PRC, Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore, thanks to Sam being such an excellent driving force there.

“I’m so pleased to be working with brands that are so dear to me, given my Hawaii roots.”

As reported, Miller launched Singapore-based Excel Brand Solutions in 2016, focusing primarily on Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa domestic and travel retail channels.

Miller is extremely well-known and respected in the travel retail sector after having been the driving force behind US beauty brand Revlon in the channel for many years.

Hawaiian Host has enjoyed a strong presence in travel retail for many years. By extending its agreement with Art Miller, the company plans to extend its profile in the channel.


1927 Ellen Dye Candies opens as a small candy shop in Honolulu. The company is the first confectioner to dip macadamia nuts into chocolate.

1950 While working at his family’s business, Star Ice and Soda Works, Mamoru Takitani and his wife Aiko perfect a secret blend of chocolate and begin dipping macadamia nuts, creating a sensation on Maui.

1960 Mamoru Takitani moves to O’ahu, buys Ellen Dye Candies and renames it Hawaiian Host. The new company opens for business with six employees, and makes US$800 in sales during the first month, but has US$1,600 in expenses. Mamoru sets a goal to sell 100 cases a day so his wife can join him in Honolulu.

1965 Hawaiian Host incorporates.

1970 Hawaiian Host introduces MacNut Crunch, macadamia nut chocolates enhanced with the addition of crisp rice.

1973 The company expands to a 25,000sq ft building in Honolulu and begins its penetration in Asia, starting with Japan.

1975 Hawaiian Host is the first company to dry roast macadamias.

1980 The company sets up a separate, large candy-making factory in Gardena, California.

1981 Hawaiian Host opens the M.A.T. Trading Company, named after Mamoru and Aiko Takitani, to handle the import and distribution of its products in Japan.

1993 The Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation starts a legacy of awarding scholarships to outstanding students at every private and public high school throughout Hawai’i.

1996 Hawaiian Host moves its corporate headquarters and production operations to a new 67,000sq ft facility in the Iwilei district of Honolulu. state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery more than doubles production capacity to meet demand.

2000 Hawaiian Host introduces Toffee MacNut Crunch and a premium line of macadamias featuring lightly salted and unsalted wholes and halves. The company receives a Maile Award from the Hawai’i Visitors and Convention Bureau for outstanding contributions to the Hawai’i community.

2008 Hawaiian Host celebrates 80 years of being ‘Hawai’i’s Gift to the World’. The Mayor of Honolulu proclaims July 20 as ‘Chocolate Macadamia Nut Day’. Hawaiian music artist Raiatea Helm launches an original hit song on a free CD sampler tucked into every Christmas Macadamia Medley box.

2009 Hawaiian Host brings back Grammy-nominated singer Raiatea Helm, this time for Valentine’s Day. The special Valentine Macadamia Medley features the same 14 pieces of chocolate treats with a Valentine’s Day edition sleeve and free three-song CD sampler by Helm tucked in every box.

Hawaiian Host launches its first Sanrio character box, featuring Hello Kitty. The 2-ounce box shows Hello Kitty decked out in a grass skirt, lei, and a hibiscus flower behind her left ear. Each box contains four pieces of hand-selected chocolate covered Macadamia nuts.

2011 Hawaiian Host introduces Aloha Mix, a new premium offering featuring bite-sized pieces, to the Asian travel markets.

2012 A contest is held to find the next ‘Great Hawaiian Host-ess’ to be featured in company advertising.

2013 Hawaiian Host announces (Nicole) Kawehi Navarro as the winner of the ‘Great Hawaiian Host-ess’ search. She is selected from over 500 entries as the individual who exemplifies the spirit of the company.

Hawaiian Host unveils its package redesign, including images of the Great Hawaiian Host-ess, for the launch of its AlohaMacs Collection.

A Chinese New Year Tin debuts. It is sold exclusively in China in the later part of the year up until the end of Chinese New Year.

2014 Hawaiian Host unveils Coconut Caramacs.  It joins Maui Caramacs and Kona Caramacs in the Caramacs family.