FRANCE. French fine foods specialist Fauchon has re-imagined its retail concepts for travel retail and other high-passenger flow environments.

For two years, Fauchon has collaborated with French retail consulting agency MAD and architectural studio REV to revamp its stores with new retail formats across shop-in-shops, kiosks, and mini-shops both in France and abroad. The design of the new ‘mini Fauchon’ concept was led by Cristiano Benzoni and Sophie Thuillier of REV and was created in order to rejuvenate the brand’s aesthetic, especially in high-traffic travel retail environments.

The mini-Fauchon concept is designed to be adaptable to numerous types of high-traffic environments.

The shop-in-shop format has already been rolled out across four different locations within SDA Duty Free at Paris Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2A and at Paris Orly’s new Terminal 3. Four more local and international openings are planned for later in the year.

Fauchon’s new look jumps off from the brand’s signature ‘Fauchon pink,’ and takes inspiration from the concept of ‘haute épicurie’. The new format highlights ‘the art of gifting’ and Fauchon’s wrapping stations, showcasing the stations’ personalised gift boxes and wrapping options.

The mini Fauchon concept puts experience at the forefront of its design, with a strong investment in product discovery, thus encouraging customers to taste, sample, and even participate in the creation of new Fauchon products.

The new stores feature several new digital enhancements, including an iPad which allows customers to vote for next season’s new flavours, as well as numerous new AV spots to feature themed animations year round.

Formats to fit

The Mini Fauchon concept was designed in different size and shape configurations to seamlessly fit with the brand’s current travel retail positioning in France and abroad. These include the shop-in-shop which ranges from 7 to 15 sqm, the kiosk which ranges from 9 to 14 sqm, and the mini shop which ranges from 15 to 25 sqm.

By using a combination of reflective surfaces, strategic lighting, and an entirely new merchandising strategy, the mini Fauchon concept not only increases visibility but also reaffirms the heritage and identity of Fauchon, introducing customers to a more modern expression of the brand.

Architectural crafting

Every element of mini-Fauchon’s architecture was designed with strategic category management and merchandising in mind. For the shop-in-shop formats, REV has designed aerial structures to create distinctive identities for different product categories in Fauchon’s repertoire.

These include a curated selection of macarons, chocolates, biscuits, confectionery, tea & jams, Champagne, and foie gras. Grouped together, these aerial structures create a ‘Fauchon City’ of sorts, with assortments that cater to the different passenger profiles of each store. The counters and shelves feature the signature ‘Fauchon pink’ in a metallic finish, accentuated with delicate brass displays that magnify the clever use of reflective surfaces throughout the design.

The focal point of the design are the macarons, which are presented as masterpieces on the Fauchon pink counters, shelves, and displays.

It may be a mini concept but there’s nothing small about the results – initial results show sales surging by over 25% in the new locations.