NORTH AMERICA. KPI North America has revealed the results of its survey into how willing people will be to travel after the COVID-19 pandemic and the steps they expect airports to introduce.

The survey of 509 respondents from the US and Canada found that 75% of passengers will return within six months of being told it is safe to fly and 84% of frequent travellers will travel within the first three months.

The research from the aviation marketing company looked into what would make passengers feel safer at the airport, and what they are expecting to be introduced across the flying experience.

KPI North America has found 65% of respondents would be more willing to travel by air in the next six months if hand sanitiser stations were introduced throughout the airport. Passengers also said they would want to see employees and passengers wearing face masks and active social distancing in force.

A large percentage of respondents also said they would be prepared to wear a mask and gloves, as well as have their temperature checked on departure or arrival. 57% of passengers would also be willing to arrive at least 30 minutes earlier than normal to complete any required checks.

When asked about the airport’s retail area, 67% of people said there should be hand sanitiser stations at the store’s entrance and exit. A large percentage also expect all employees to wear masks and gloves, and for there to be limits on the number of people allowed in shops.

Similarly, 64% said they expect hand sanitisers to be available in F&B outlets, while 52% want employees to wear masks and gloves.

KPI North America Chief Executive George Karamanos said: “Passengers are prepared to change their travel habits; arriving earlier at the airport and undertaking new procedures and checks, but many need reassurances to do so. Airports must incorporate the new processes into their customer experience journey map in the most seamless and efficient way to make travellers feel that it is still worth taking a flight.”