The new ‘Messages Tout Chocolat’ gift box of 18 chocolates

Belgian chocolatier Godiva has unveiled a range of innovations including a new travel retail concept and exclusive limited edition gift pack for 2014.

On a mission to “delight with the ultimate chocolate experience” the brand said it aimed to set the gold standard in premium confectionery with its innovations for 2014 that were revealed during the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes.

Godiva Marketing Manager Global Travel Retail Leen Baeten said: “In our consumer offer – through our Godiva boutiques, points of sale, in-store activation and product range – we aim to delight with a delicious chocolate experience that thrills the senses and captivates hearts of chocolate lovers everywhere.

Exclusive to travel retail is the limited edition “˜Messages Tout Chocolat’ gift box of 18 chocolates that aims to “surprise and charm” consumers with its “sophisticated” design and messages of Luck, Love, Joy and Zen.

“This new offer, as part of our gifting portfolio, will allow travellers to choose a gift that really expresses a caring and emotional connection with the receiver. It is created to bring good feelings and happiness through a personal message with every chocolate, the perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues,” continued Baeten.

Godiva is re-launching its quality biscuit range in a new blue design featuring gold European destination stamping that the brand feels “reinforces Godiva’s heritage and quality standard”.

Its 2014 launches will be backed by a range of multi sensorial in-store activations, incorporating video, sound and smell.

Godiva plans to introduce a new travel retail concept worldwide with exclusive openings in strategic and premium locations. Godiva President International Mohamed Elsarky said: “In 2013, we opened, in collaboration with DFS, an exclusive Godiva Boutique with seating area in Okinawa Galleria, downtown Japan, testing for the first time in travel retail the Chocolate Café concept serving hot and cold beverages, ice cream cup, tartes glacées and Japanese cookies.

“We are very excited about this new approach to introducing consumers to our brand experience. Travel retail is a priority at Godiva. In 2014, we foresee introducing some of our company’s best innovations across regions. Inspired by our boutique concept, we will create and develop unique spaces reflecting all the best of the brand, from a unique product offer to a true chocolate theatre, sure to set the standard for a delightful shopping experience,” he concluded.

Godiva is re-launching its biscuit range in a new blue design