Godiva is looking to double its travel retail business in the next five years following double-digit growth in the company’s business in the Asia Pacific region last year.

Godiva Chocolatier Global Travel Retail Vice President Christoph Neusser said: “Travel retail has been named as Godiva’s second most important strategic ambition, with our business in Asia Pacific on a strong upward curve, so this year’s Singapore show is more important than ever.

“This event provides us with a superb opportunity to both introduce Godiva’s innovations for this year, and also to discuss how the Godiva experience blueprint – which incorporates interactive theatre, HPP’s and associated promotions – can bring a compelling and enticing addition to the airport retail environment.”

The Belgian chocolatier plans to continue to roll out its Godiva Global Travel Retail concept within the airport retail environment in the Asia region.

He added: “The company points to its exclusive Godiva Boutique with seating serving hot and cold beverages as well as ice creams and cookies. This level of brand experience has great potential within travel retail – not just in Asia but globally – creating chocolate theatre and offering a unique experience for travellers.”

Création Pralinés will launch in the second half of 2014 as a travel retail exclusive supported by in-store tastings and promotions

Later this year Godiva will launch Création Pralinés, a travel retail exclusive offering of 18 chocolates with four new recipes inspired by Godiva’s original praliné recipe. The chocolates are presented in a box that is wrapped in gold packaging.

The launch of these limited edition chocolates will be supported though in-store tastings and promotions.

At this year’s TFWA Asia Pacific show in Singapore, Godiva will be presenting a revamped Godiva Biscuit collection, wrapped in blue packaging with European destination stamping (Stand L2).

The revamped biscuit collection features blue packaging with European destination stamping

The collection includes four single variety packs in Signature, Dark Truffles, Strawberry (all 100g) and Hazelnut Praline (125g), a mixed 300g trio-pack (exclusive to travel retail), 178g 23 piece assortment and 369g 50 piece tin.

Available now and also exclusive to travel retail is Messages Tout Chocolat – a gift box that contains chocolates that represent Zen, Love and Luck. The box features a label to allow the gift to be personalised.

Messages Tout Chocolat is supported by a high profile promotion (HPP) that allows travellers to send a personal message to a loved one via an interactive iPad app as part of an audio and visual experience. The promotion will be run at several airports globally, including Taiwan and Thailand within the Asia Pacific region.

Neusser said: “Travelling brings with it many emotional experiences; this new concept is ideal for enabling consumers to express their emotion to loved ones via a personal message with every chocolate. The HPP creates a true sensorial experience inviting travellers to send a direct hand-written message to a family member, friend or lover.”

Message in a chocolate: Consumers can express their emotions to loved ones by sending a personalised message with the Messages Tout Chocolat gift box