USA. Givenchy Beauty has partnered with retailer DFS and design agency Bloommiami for the launch of the brand’s first make-up pop-up in travel retail.

The 70sq ft activation is located in the DFS store at the Tom Bradley International Terminal in Los Angeles International Airport. It is running until 31 August.

Bloommiami produced, implemented and managed the activation for the Parisian beauty house.

#THISISNOTWHATYOUTHINK: The activation emphasises consumer-brand interaction and offers beauty consultations and the opportunity to use a photo booth.

The pop-up highlights the launch of Givenchy’s latest lipstick, Le Rouge Liquide. Instead of the traditional stick, the lipstick features a foam applicator, a different formula, and a pen-style mechanism in the signature Givenchy case.

Over 30 shades from many of Givenchy’s lipstick lines feature in the activation.

“Givenchy Beauty is not currently present in Los Angeles International Airport so this one-month pop-up animation was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our brand’s unique and innovative products,” said Givenchy Senior Marketing Manager, Travel Retail Americas Daniella Caballero.

“[It strengthens] the desirability and attractiveness of Givenchy cosmetics within the market.”

The activation promotes consumer-brand interaction and features several engagement touchpoints. Travellers can try on lipsticks and receive beauty consultations from Givenchy representatives while a photo booth offers the chance to take selfies and create GIFs.

Passengers are being encouraged to share their experience on social media using the hashtag #THISISNOTWHATYOUTHINK.

Strengthening desirability: Givenchy’s first make-up pop-up in travel retail will run until 31 August.

“We adapted the design from Givenchy’s merchandising guidelines so that it was custom tailored for [the] location and appealed to a specific consumer demographic,” commented Bloommiami partner Darin Held.

“It was also important to the client that the design create a Sense of Place while also allowing for a certain level of visual transparency.”

Bloommiami said it used mirrored surfaces to enlarge the space and allow travellers to easily view colour sampling. Reflective black surfaces were strategically placed to elevate the appearance of the activation’s structural elements, the design company said.

“It was an honour working with such a globally recognised brand and deliver a first for them. Los Angeles International Airport travellers will walk away from the activation with an appreciation for Givenchy lipstick lines and the brand as a whole,” said Held.