CHINA. May was a big month for Giorgio Armani Beauty in Sanya as L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific and China Duty Free Group (CDFG) mounted spectacular showcases for new feminine fragrance My Way and ultra-premium skincare range Crema Nera.

For the Hainan launch of My Way, L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific created a captivating eco-designed outdoor podium at CDF Mall in Haitang Bay.

The scent is the second fragrance under the Giorgio Armani label following the launch of Sì Passione in 2013. It was created to reflect modern femininity and a lasting commitment to the environment.

During the promotion, visitors were invited to open their horizons to My Way’s multi-faceted and olfactory experiences. The podium was designed to reflect how life’s journeys, whether geographical or emotional, shape our character and how – through the people we meet and the moments we live – we create our unique life stories.

As the high point of the activation in more senses than one, a giant 3 metre-tall flacon of My Way made an elegant yet powerful statement to dazzle visitors. They could then embark on a fascinating journey through various touchpoints.

A postcard personalisation station allowed visitors to capture their Hainan travel memories in a polaroid and share with their loved ones

As consumers sifted through postcards depicting various cultural experiences from around the world, they were reminded of the power of travel to “pave the way into new horizons and engage in unfamiliar rhythms, which forge the life stories that make us unique”, as the brand evocatively put it.

This zone gave visitors the chance to mail a personalised postcard with their own polaroid to a loved one and share the unique character of the island province.

“Conveying a yearning for all the stories yet to be told” – international travel might be difficult at present but a VR travel experience helped create anticipation of journeys in the future

A VR travel experience allowed shoppers to be immersed in a virtual travel journey to experience the world using a VR headset or their smartphone. Guided by actress and My Way ambassador Adria Ariona, visitors could cast floating lanterns into the water and experience the dazzling lights of the Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand or partake in the meticulous ritual of a matcha tea ceremony in Tokyo.

These new cultural encounters were deployed to exemplify the power of experiences to shape one’s character, “conveying a yearning for all the stories yet to be told”, said L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific.

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Visitors were also presented with videos that highlighted the delicate craftsmanship and environmentally sound credentials of each bottle.

“The end of the pop-up marked the end of a voyage through cultures and stories, a journey etched into memory,” the company said.

Taking a personalised skincare journey

Giorgio Armani Beauty also showcased its Crema Nera ultra-premium skincare range with China Duty Free Group at CDF Mall through May with a pop-up space and a spa hosted at the Sanya EDITION hotel.

Travelling visitors were able to discover the world of Crema Nera through a range of different experiences and personalised services.

Star power: Local celebrities Orfila Wu and Vin Zhang helped draw attention to the campaign

To kick-off the campaign, which started on 1 May during Golden Week, an exclusive event was held in the presence of local celebrities Orfila Wu and Vin Zhang, alongside local press, influencers, and VIPs. Guests were able to experience a personalised skincare journey through a series of immersive activities and an interactive masterclass to discover the science and reviving properties behind Crema Nera.

Guests discovered the science and reviving properties behind Crema Nera through a series of immersive activities and an interactive masterclass

The event included a livestreaming experience during which the celebrities were able to share their Crema Nera experience with their online communities and travellers.

An exclusive one-month premium Armani Beauty Spa treatment was offered to customers

Giorgio Armani’s Crema Nera skincare line, including its renowned Supreme Reviving Cream, is infused with potent Reviscentalis extract from the ‘miracle’ Myrothamnus flabellifolia resurrection plant. The plant harnesses nature’s raw power and is able to come back to life after months of dry-out with just a few drops of water thanks to its cellular revival elements known as metabolites.

Formulated with this scientific discovery, Crema Nera delivers efficient, high-precision skin revival, L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific said.

Actor Vin Zhang experiences a Crema Nera massage ritual

Giorgio Armani launched the Crema Nera exclusive event on 1 May at the luxury Sanya EDITION Hotel

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