INTERNATIONAL. England agony, Germany delight. Yes, travel retail football fans, it’s a familiar tale as the Great Moodie Davitt 2018 FIFA World Cup Charity Competition in association with King Power International reaches a dramatic conclusion, writes our Football Correspondent Hedda Ball.

A downcast Matt Willey seen walking towards the sea last night on England’s south coast. “”I am just going outside and may be some time.”

We have a new co-leader after German Steffen Brandt (Co-Founder & Manager of Miami-based travel retail specialist InnoTRI), correctly picked Croatia’s 2-1 victory over England to snap up three points and move into a tie with The Moodie Davitt Report’s now inconsolable CTO (Cruel Tears Overnight) Matt Willey, whose patriotism got the better of his punditry.

“I am in total despair about the result,” Willey told reporters gathered outside his interim bureaux at the Withered Rose pub in West London. “And besides that, England lost.”

If the Germans like nothing better than success at England’s expense then so do the Scots. No surprise then that the fastest overnight mover on our leaderboard was Argentina-based Scot (and veteran travel retail consultant and journalist) John Gallagher, who not only picked the 2-1 score correctly but also played his joker to snap up a maximum 6 points. He’s now in equal fourth place, just three behind our co-leaders.

To misquote a certain well-known Scottish song, John  stood his ground on his wee bit hill and glen and stood against them. Who? Proud England’s army of course. And sent them homeward. Tae think again.

There’s more Scottish influence as Loch Lomond Group’s Andre de Almeida looms just two behind Steffen and Matt, one point ahead of Johan Schölvinck, Founder and Managing Director at Market Square Consult in The Netherlands.

Sophie Goujet of Concourse Display Management remains in sole place as our leading woman on 53, just two ahead of her colleague Jess Howells. The Moodie Davitt Report Founder & Chairman Martin Moodie made a Mario Mandzukic-style late run into the box to pick up 3 points after correctly picking the score but it’s a case of too little, too late for the man who must realistically wait for a tournament featuring an egg-shaped ball to have any chance against travel retail’s top sporting pundits.

Steffen Brandt: A touch of schadenfreude as he rightly predicts English agony?

Of our top 12, only Sophie, Toms Bergs of Stoli Group (8th) and Tony Richardson of Duty Free Hunter (10th) have a chance of picking up bonus points by having predicted the tournament winner. All have plumped for France.

Make sure you have your predictions in for the weekend’s big final France v Croatia and the ‘match that no-one wants to play in’, the play-off for third and fourth between Belgium and England.

The following prize monies will be awarded to the chosen charities of the winning contestants:

1st – €3,000

2nd – €2,000

3rd – €1,000

Below is the league table top 20 from the morning of 12 July .



Rules of the competition:

  1. You receive 3 points for a correct score.
  2. You receive 1 point for a correct result.
  3. In each group (and in the Knockout phases through to and including the semi-finals) you can apply a ‘Joker’ card to one match only. Use of the Joker will double any points you score on that match.
  4. Your prediction for the Knockout stages will include the score after extra time, but not penalties.
  5. You receive extra points for the final game if you correctly predict the tournament winner.
  6. Leaderboard: If players finish level on points, then the player with most Correct Score points will finish higher, followed by Correct Result points, Joker points, Final points, Third-Place points, Semi-Final points, Quarter-Final points and then Last-16 points.

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