Claus Heinemann (left), Fraport CEO Dr Stefan Schulte (centre) and Gunnar Heinemann unveil the new-look store

GERMANY. Gebr Heinemann and airport partner Fraport today unveiled a new identity for travel retailing at the German hub – Heinemann Duty Free.

The Gebr Heinemann brand was first revealed at its home airport of Hamburg last year, and is being rolled out across the Gebr Heinemann retail estate in Germany and internationally – beginning with Frankfurt Terminal 1B East.

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Gunnar Heinemann on a new identity for travel retail at Frankfurt Airport

Today’s opening ceremony was conducted by Gebr Heinemann Co-Owners Claus and Gunnar Heinemann, alongside Fraport CEO Dr Stefan Schulte.

“If Hamburg was the dress rehearsal, Frankfurt is the world premiere,” said Gunnar Heinemann. “The launch of the retail brand was like the production of an automobile: first we had the pre-production model, now we move on to serial production.”

The Heinemann red, blue and silver colours – with a red sail logo depicting the company’s Hamburg seaport heritage – dominate the new 900sq m Frankfurt store, which includes stylish new-look zones for exclusive and themed events (Heinemann’s Choice) plus a stunning wood-framed and wood-shelved central zone dedicated to German regional products.

The entrances are open and inviting and the duty free message is strongly underlined – a key message for the non-EU travellers using Lufthansa and Star Alliance carriers on international routes from this pier. German branding and design specialist Syndicate ( did the branding work, while Umdasch Shop-Concept ( was responsible for the shopfitting.

The entrances to the Heinemann Duty Free outlet are wide and inviting, and offer visibility right through the shop

Claus Heinemann, Max Heinemann (son of Gunnar) and Gunnar Heinemann take pride in the retailer’s new-look operation

Gunnar Heinemann said: “We want to earn the loyalty of our customers through our family name. Customers should be aware that they are choosing Heinemann. We are giving duty free a face, and adding personality to the business.

“We are the only family-owned business in the global duty free market. Our brand is not based on an artificial name. For 130 years our growth has been based on trustworthy and consistent performance, and we want to pass this on to the passengers.”

The Heinemann Duty Free brand is heavily marketed to passengers throughout the airport

At a media briefing before the unveiling, Dr Schulte said: “This is a positive step in our long-term relationship with Gebr Heinemann, which is one of Fraport’s most important partners both here at Frankfurt and at our other airports.

“We constantly ask ourselves: should an airport be simply a station on the road to a destination, or should it also be a mall, a place where people can shop and be entertained?

“More and more our consumers are telling us they want better connectivity, they want better service, they want better signage, and more destinations through Frankfurt; but they are also telling us they want more entertainment, better shopping and restaurants. They want different, seasonal offerings. So we, along with partners such as Heinemann, need to continuously improve our service by bringing them what they want.”

Schulte added: “More than 50% of our operating results come from Retail & Real Estate, so it’s vital that we have the right partners. We are investing heavily now in Pier A+, which will add significant new space [including two 2,000sq m walk-through duty free stores -Ed] by 2012. And we expect that both Fraport and our partners will benefit from those investments.”

The Regionals zone, a beautifully designed area made from German oak, is the centrepiece of the store

Gebr Heinemann said it would focus on three key factors to drive penetration and spend in its new store: an offer built around international brands at low prices, mixed with a strong element of surprise; a more rounded and complete service for consumers; plus added “˜personality’ in its stores, driven through well-trained staff.

To drive the key element of surprise, the retailer will devote around 25% of floor space to themed events, promotions, airport exclusives and seasonal offers, rotating every two months. These will be highlighted in the Heinemann’s Choice stages around the store.

“By keeping abreast of new products, we will track down the global trends on behalf of our customers and bring them to our stages at Frankfurt Airport,” said Gunnar Heinemann.

Swiss speciality Laederach makes its debut at Frankfurt (top) …much to Gunnar Heinemann’s delight (above)

A key element – visible from everywhere in the store – is the Regionals zone, created by Graft Architects, offering German specialities. The zone aims to bring a “˜flavour of the forest’ to this area of the shop. It includes wines from the Mosel region, marzipan from Luebeck, breakfast trays featuring German designs and food ranging from Frankfurter sausages to Apfelwein, a Frankfurt speciality.

The area’s design resembles a large tree, with layered disks of oak rising up in the centre of the shop. It is designed to have a modern take on a woodland theme.

“Just think of the Black Forest, Grimm’s Fairy Tales and even the German oak,” said Bébé Branss, who headed the retail design team for the project at Gebr Heinemann.

“All of these images are associated with our country, and they represent the whole of Germany from north to south. The designs are our way of acknowledging the distinctiveness of the various regions. The Regionals zone acts as a unique selling point.”

At close to 50% of the retailer’s sales at Frankfurt, beauty will be a critical element in the business

New range of services

The store also enhances the range of services to passengers. Travellers can call in their orders or book them online before travelling, and collect on departure. From 2010 the retailer is planning to unveil a new home delivery service, first for German and later for intra-EU passengers, where travellers can book, pay for their goods during travel, and have them delivered at home. Among the major areas of potential for this service, the retailer believes, is wine.

Among the other new initiatives is a competition hosted by Gebr Heinemann – under the “˜Landing at Frankfurt’ theme that surrounded today’s unveiling – with the prize a year’s worth of free flights with Lufthansa. Any passenger who can land a paper airplane in a prize box during December will be in with a chance of winning the grand prize.

Frankfurt, where it operates 39 shops and employs 700 people, is Gebr Heinemann’s biggest marketplace in Germany. Each day the retailer’s shops at the airport handle 10,000 customers. The company plans to invest €20 million in its existing and new stores at Frankfurt by the end of 2012; between now and then, retail space at Frankfurt will grow from 18,000sq m to 30,000sq m.

Core categories from confectionery (top), to cigarettes, cigars and liquor are arranged by sector, with ‘hero’ brands such as Marlboro (second from top) receiving strong personalisation within the 900sq m store

Key “˜firsts’ at the new Frankfurt store

Les Exclusifs, the fine fragrance range from Chanel, is on sale at an airport for the first time. It was previously available only at Chanel boutiques. The 12 fragrances are available in 200ml flacons as edt sprays for €190.

Swiss chocolate brand Läderach makes its airport debut at Frankfurt via Heinemann Duty Free. The product is manufactured in the foothills of the Glarner Alps and delivered to Gebr Heinemann in 1kg bars. The varieties are then measured to suit customers’ requirements, and are gift-wrapped.

Among the other premieres is Dunhill Jet Stream Limited Edition, a luxury tobacco blend in designer packaging. The variant makes its debt via Gebr Heinemann and will be rolled out in Germany and at other Heinemann outlets in 2010.

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Heinemann Duty Free services will soon expand to include home delivery from 2010


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