Stephan Uhrenbacher: “Chinese travellers continue to be super important for airport retail”.

INTERNATIONAL. Flio has launched a Mandarin language component for its app for airports around the world.

As of this week, some 2% of the app’s users have switched to Mandarin since the feature was launched in early June – despite there being no promotion of it as of yet.

These users represent some 5% of food & beverage and retail offers in the app, according to the company, which says the component has great potential. The majority of these users are in Europe (76%) and the USA (20%).

The Mandarin component is available on both iOS and Android.

“Chinese travellers continue to be super important for airport retail due to their spending habits when travelling,” said Flio founder Stephan Uhrenbacher. “Last year we saw some usage of Flio for trips originating in China coming to Europe, so we decided to invest in adapting the Flio app to the Chinese market. The first results are way above our expectations.”

Flio launched in August 2015, and the company is now working directly with many airports, food & beverage operators and retailers. For more background and an in-depth interview with Stephan Uhrenbacher, click here.

Flio has invested in adapting its app to the Chinese market. These screenshots show how the Mandarin component looks.