GERMANY. Lebanese nut retailer Al Rifai is showcasing its “Flies you Nuts” pop-up concept stage at Frankfurt Airport in the Pier Z Main Non-Schengen area.

The promotion – which runs until July – includes the worldwide launch of Al Rifai product novelties and introduces the brand’s new concept of colour coded packs, with each colour representing one signature flavour or mix.

Frankfurt Airport Retail, a joint venture between Heinemann and Fraport, is the first retail partnership worldwide to have this new Al Rifai concept in-store. The Al Rifai collection will be also be available at Frankfurt Airport Online Shop.

The 40sq m Al Rifai pop-up stage will remain at Frankfurt for four months.

The products offered across the 40sq m stage range from classics such as salted cashew nuts, mixed kernels and roasted almonds to variations such as jalapenos cashew and citrus chili pistachios. The Heinemann exclusive cashew truffle also features prominently.

Heinemann Senior Buyer Fine Food & Regionals Karoline Schlick said: “Since its introduction into our assortment in 2016, Al Rifai has become one of the top ten brands in our core fine food category. We are very pleased with the premium quality of Al Rifai products and the brand’s openness to develop innovative travel retail concepts such as “Flies you Nuts” for Gebr Heinemann.

“This is a great confirmation of our mutual commitment, which we will continue to develop in future.”

The pop-up stage has a tasting area and technologies to allow travellers to experience the brand. All Al Rifai products on the stage come in a microwavable tray, as heating unfolds the full flavour.

Each individual Al Rifai tray is prepared by hand and manually inspected.

The packaging was designed for this promotion in a collaboration between Al Rifai and Heinemann’s Fine Food Purchasing department.

Customers can also discover the history, traceability and origins of the products on Al Rifai’s website and on an in-store LED screen showcasing the products and packaging.

Al Rifai Commercial Director Jean Nader said: “The traveller, for years, was missing the fine experience of quality nuts and kernels in the world of travel retail. Awakening aromas, hand-selected varieties, and unique packaging all embodies this new exclusive concept.

“We are introducing the three new categories of medleys, noble nuts and delicacies spanning over 24 insanely delicious products. On our website customers can track and trace all ingredients. We source all of our raw nuts and kernels responsibly and fairly.’’