Ferrero Travel Market is focusing on travel retail exclusives which include a new look for its Nutella brand during this month’s TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes (Stand Number: Green Village J35).

Its iconic Nutella brand will be relaunched through a new marketing and promotional platform called Nutella World, while new lines from Tic Tac and Kinder will also be highlighted.

Nutella World relaunch campaign

The Nutella World presentation, exclusive to travel retail, is designed to give Nutella products a fresh contemporary look and features red love hearts and graphics of famous monuments set against a white background.

The new range, which aims to offer a price point for every customer, consists of four sales units:
• The pocket-size Nutella World Display G30
• The Nutella World G350 Sleeve, a new look for the classic 350g jar
• Nutella World G30x7, a seven-pack format of the pocket-size G30, described as “the showcase of Nutella World”
• Nutella World G350 Mug, a decorated ceramic mug with a Nutella “˜N’shaped handle.

The new Nutella World range, exclusive to travel retail, features red love hearts and graphics of famous monuments set against a white background

According to Ferrero, promotional display stands and point of sale materials will echo the contemporary feel of the new packs, which next winter replace the existing Nutella Giant 5kg jar, its regular Nutella Classic 350g and Nutella Weekly 7 x 30g pack.

Ferrero Travel Market Marketing Director Alberto Donnini commented: “The brand power of Nutella is amazing; even we marketers in Ferrero are surprised by the way in which consumers are willing to engage with the brand. Who would have thought that travellers would purchase a huge 5kg jar of the chocolate spread and carry it with them on their journey? They are buying it because it is yummy, of course, but also because it has a cult following all over the world.

He added: “Nutella has brought joy for nearly 50 years to so many families that we thought it was time to bring it to airports as a category in its own right – with iconic status – which deserves its own brand identity, ‘Nutella World’.”


Ferrero Travel Market is introducing a brand new mascot, Kinder Pilot, which will act as an ambassador in travel retail for the whole Kinder brand. Outfitted with a pilot’s hat and flying goggles, Kinder Pilot is expected to be a favourite with travelling consumers young and old, the company said.

In line with the new introduction, Ferrero is launching two new products exclusive to travel retail: a Kinder Pilot plush toy carrying a backpack filled with 150g of Kinder chocolate, and a Kinder Pilot plastic character containing seven Kinder Surprises.

These new products will be supported by in-store displays and point of sale materials which include aircraft-shaped display racks in Kinder’s signature colours of white, blue and orange and interactive in-store activations.

Kinder Pilot will act as an ambassador in travel retail for the whole Kinder brand

The promotional material will also include an in-store digital experience to entertain consumers with graphics telling the story of Kinder Pilot on his travels. The restyled Kinder Surprise T7 will soon include a variety of themed hats which are expected by Ferrero to become collector’s items.

Ferrero said this new portfolio is the culmination of a process in which exclusivity and innovation have been the key factors driving development, and it is confident that there will be more in the future.

“Kinder is the chocolate especially designed for kids. We must play a leading role in the channel and become the first choice for all those parents who want to bring back some joy to their kids. It is a huge opportunity both for us and for the trade,” Ferrero Travel Market General Manager Francois Godin said.

“The Kinder pilot character is an innovative marketing tool for the Kinder brand which will be used to strengthen the brand identity, create engagement and forge an emotional bond with customers. Our aim is to use the Kinder Pilot to expand our portfolio in travel retail in an entertaining way which will appeal particularly in the gifting segment,” Godin added.

Tic Tac

The Tic Tac T100 Travel Collection comprises collectable packs representing nine countries

For Tic Tac, Ferrero is unveiling a new travel retail exclusive range designed to appeal to souvenir hunters. The Tic Tac T100 Travel Collection comprises nine collectable 49g packs of the Tic Tac white mouth freshener mints, each representing a different country.

Sleeve designs include Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Brazil, Canada, USA and the Caribbean; but the design project is intended to be flexible and further destination sleeves can be added to the collection.

Each sleeve bears the name of the country, a graphic illustration of a national landmark and the colours of the country’s flag. The nine Tic Tac T100 layouts are designed to be listed as a full set, not as individual country-specific listings, to offer a bright on-shelf offer and act as an in-store traffic generators, according to Ferrero.

“The Tic Tac T100 Travel Collection is a very innovative and flexible project dedicated to souvenir hunters and Tic Tac fans. Consumers browsing in travel retail stores will have the chance to complete their set of Tic Tac collectable packs as they travel around the world. These travel packs simply cannot be purchased on the high street, giving them added appeal as gift items,” Donnini said.

“Our main clients to whom we pre-presented the project have been extremely positive about the new collection. They told us that this time we have really cracked it: we have made a souvenir, a destination pack, a collectable pack, with an offer which is very cross-generational and cross-geographical,” he added.

The Tic Tac travel retail range also includes the flip-top Tic Tac 234g pack filled with mini-boxes in four flavours which was launched last year.

The design of the Tic Tac 98g Bottle, which is shaped like a large Tic Tac containing 200 Tic Tacs in orange or freshmint, is currently being restyled and will be relaunched in 2014.

For trade information, contact Alberto Donnini, Marketing Director, Ferrero Travel Market; tel: +352 349 7111 or e-mail: