EUROPE. The European Travel Retail Council (ETRC) has urged airports and retailers outside the EU not to sell liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) to passengers transferring in Europe, as restrictions on the transport of these items remain unchanged in 2013.

Originally, the restrictions on LAGs were initially meant to be lifted on 29 April 2013, but (as reported last year) the European Commission decided to postpone this deadline, based on a consultative process with EU stakeholders (including ETRC). A new date for the lifting of the restrictions on transfer passengers has been set for 31 January 2014.

Under the current rules passengers can carry in their personal hand luggage, LAGs in individual containers with a capacity not greater than 100ml and packed in a transparent one-litre re-sealable plastic bag (STEB).

Passengers from third countries transferring upon arrival in the EU and carrying duty free LAGs in excess of 100ml will continue to have their products confiscated. ETRC said it was urging retailers in third countries not to sell these products to EU transferring passengers for the time being. The only exception to these rules are those passengers arriving from the US, Canada, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and Croatia.

ETRC Vice President and Special Advisor on Aviation Security Frank O’Connell said: “Starting on 31 January 2014, LAGs in STEBs from third countries should be allowed for passengers who are transferring at European airports, provided that they are screened by liquid explosive detection systems (LEDS), but for the time being, the status quo remains.”

“ETRC is closely working together with policy-makers and stakeholders to achieve the most practical basis for the implementation of the new rules and to simplify procedures for the movement of air travellers within the EU”, O’Connell added.

In an interview published today by The Moodie Report, ACI Europe Director General Olivier Jankovec commented on the outlook for LAGs restrictions in Europe. Click here to access the interview.