German fashion jewellery brand Coeur de Lion has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2018 collection. It is rolling out to travel retail this month.

With an ‘Elegance 24/7’ tagline, the range includes a new design concept combining up to six different bracelets to twin with colour-coordinating necklaces and earrings. The brand said the idea is “as simple as it is successful”.

“As simple as it is successful’: Coeur de Lion’s take on the stacking bracelet trend

Coeur de Lion Head Designer and Creative Director Carola Eckrodt won the German Brand Award in 2016 and her bracelet concept has claimed the same accolade for 2018.

The new collection extends the brand’s use of gemstones. Sunstone, amethyst, rose quartz, amazonite, onyx, chalcedony, carnelian and grey agate feature in the Fine Coeur line. The range updates Coeur de Lion’s classic geocube jewellery with chalcedony, amazonite and rose quartz and includes a three-row woven necklace with striped agate or amethyst.

The 2018 Spring/Summer range adds new colours to Coeur de Lion’s ‘geocube’ jewellery

Fresh Coeur introduces summer colours of turquoise, hyacinth, yellow and mocha. It also combines carnelian red, fire opal and rose quartz, denim blue with sapphire and aquamarine and sand beige with agate grey and bright white.

“Each piece of jewellery is made in Stuttgart. This strong Unique Selling Point (USP) is valued by customers all over the world,” the brand stated.

Coeur de Lion also noted that 50% of its customers are male and that the brand’s clean design and variety of colours trigger purchases and impulse buys.