The E-Telelink Internet kiosk provides high-speed Internet access to passengers

SPAIN. Telecommunications company E-Telelink is offering airport companies the chance to provide the latest technology to travellers via its Internet kiosks and phone card machines.

The stand-alone Internet kiosk, showcased at the ACI Europe Airport Trading Exhibition earlier this month, provides high-speed Internet access for passengers without the need for staff.

Passengers can access the following services from the machine:

– Multilingual system: Users will be able to choose to receive instructions in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian or any other language that airport authorities consider necessary.
– Common Internet and e-mail services.
– Airport information: Users can access the airport’s website.
– Digital picture reader: Digital camera users can send pictures via e-mail.
– Webcam: Users can take instant pictures, create video mails and make video conferences through instant messenging programs.
– Ethernet port for laptop users: Users can surf the web by using their own laptops.
– Bluetooth port: Users can share files from and to their mobile phones, handheld devices and laptops. The bluetooth port connects users’ devices with the Internet terminal, allowing them to exchange files.
– DVD/CD writer: Users can play their own CDs or DVDs at the terminal and also save information onto a CD or DVD.
– Infrared port for handheld users: Handheld users can download information to their handheld device through an infrared port.
– Mobile phone battery charging: Users can recharge mobile phone batteries at competitive rates.
– Black and white/colour printing: the Internet points are connected to a centralised printer.
– Tourist information/online directory: Kiosks can provide tourist information and travel tips through an online directory. The online catalogue helps users find useful information for their trip, make online bookings and buy online. This feature is said to be ideal for developing interactive online advertising.
– International calling allows users to place phone calls to any country in the world at the best rates.

The kiosks accept Euro coins, Pounds Sterling and US Dollar bills among others. They also accept payment by credit card and international prepaid phone cards.

For details, contact Natalia G Carranza, E-Telelink, Marketing Manager, 1061 E 23 Street, Hialeah, Florida 33013, US. Tel: +1 866 886 0650, fax: +1 786 318 0509, e-mail: Spanish head office: Doctor Fleming N° 3, Madrid 28036, Spain, tel: +34 91 291 02 45, fax: +34 91 324 5041.