FRANCE. Inflight concessionaire DutyFly Solutions is offering a range of digital inflight services to airline partners alongside its current duty free and buy-onboard business. It has teamed up with entertainment provider Skylights to add inflight entertainment (IFE) programmes to its portfolio.

The companies said in a statement: “DutyFly now offers airlines an all-in-one subscription solution that allows them to implement this innovative new type of entertainment from one day to the next without the capital expenditure and lead time associated with more traditional forms of IFE. With the solution airlines can offer a premium cinematic experience onboard thanks to recent advancements in Cinematic VR technology.”

Widening the offer: DutyFly and Skylights offer headsets with preloaded content

Dutyfly Head Operations Manager Roger Abi-Jaber said: “Since 2016, we have built up, step by step, the operational and logistical processes to allow us to provide an inflight entertainment service.”

Skylights began introducing VR technology inflight in 2015. It offers passengers headsets with preloaded 2D, 3D and 180/360° films and series on the equivalent of a wide-angle cinema screen.

To complement SkyLights’ headsets, software and licensed content, DutyFly said it provides an end-to-end service, which includes implementation, cleaning, logistics, loading and collection.

The technology is in use onboard XL Airways and Corsair flights, and is being developed for Air France

SkyLights Head of Operations Rateb Zaouk said: “We have been working very closely with DutyFly on our current deployments for over a year now. Over this time we have been able to combine our expertise and fine-tune various elements of the solution to maximise the value we deliver to airlines and their passengers.”

The new offer has already been implemented by DutyFly on board XL Airways and Corsair flights, and is being developed for Air France/Joon. It will also be made available to other airline clients.

Dutyfly Solutions is a Lagardère Inflight-Servair joint venture. It manages full concessions with partners that include Air France, Alitalia, Iberia, CSA Czech Airlines, Air Caraibes and Air Tahiti Nui.