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Dufry Chief Executive Officer Julián Díaz: “Dufry stands at the heart of global connectivity”

SWITZERLAND. Dufry has launched a sustainability campaign at Zürich Airport in collaboration with the United Nations (UN), following similar efforts at Geneva and Heathrow airports.

The ‘#YouNeedToKnow’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals.

Wall-size banners and video screens have been installed in Dufry’s duty free shop and in the transit area at the airport. The visuals promote the Global Goals and urge travellers to do their part to help achieve them by 2030. The campaign has been timed to welcome attendees of the World Economic Forum in Davos (17-20 January) and runs between 13-22 January.

“As the leading retailer in airports across the world, Dufry stands at the heart of global connectivity,” said Dufry Chief Executive Officer Julián Díaz . “We are delighted to collaborate with the UN and the international community in their ambition to bring two billion people to know about the 17 key objectives in the quest to ensure a sustainable future for all.”

The #YouNeedToKnow campaign was launched in Geneva Airport in November 2016 before travelling to Heathrow in December.

On Monday (16 January), travellers at Zürich Airport were invited to participate in a wheel of fortune event, organised as part of the campaign by the UN Perception Change Project and Dufry Zürich. Travellers could also pick up free luggage stickers promoting the Global Goals at Dufry’s duty free shop.

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The UN Perception Change Project and Dufry Zürich ran a wheel of fortune game to help highlight the Global Goals

The Global Goals focus on topics such as how to rid the world of poverty, provide quality education, guarantee gender equality and foster economic growth.

According to the UN, informing two billion people about the Global Goals by the end of 2017 will be key to achieving them over the next 14 years. The campaign encourages people to take pictures against the backdrop with the SDGs icons and spread the message on social media using the #YouNeedToKnow hashtag.

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Maximum visibility: The #YouNeedToKnow campaign was first launched at Geneva Airport in November 2016