Desigual has added a new 2-in-1 Travel Clutch and Foldable Backpack to its inflight-exclusive offer.

The 2-in-1 Travel Clutch, featuring a floral print, transitions between a travel wallet and party bag. According to Desigual there is enough space to store travel documents and items such as lipstick and a mobile phone.

The new travel accessories, such as the 2-in-1 Travel Clutch, reflect Desigual’s trademark playful style

The Folding Backpack folds away into a compact size to create space for other items, and unfurls into a backpack when needed.

“Life-long travel friend”: The Folding Backpack

Desigual’s existing inflight-exclusive line includes a pack of two foulards and a Travel Wallet. The foulard scarves comes in two sizes: large and rectangular, crafted from light and pliable material, and triangular, decorated with fine details and manton effect fringing.

The Travel Wallet is designed to keep important travel items such as passports, cards and currency in one place.

The new range of inflight exclusives is available now for pre-order in all regions and will be available onboard from January 2018.