Davidoff Cigars has unveiled a limited-edition Robusto Real Especiales 7, a new blend of seven different tobaccos.

Davidoff claimed the line “goes where no cigar has been before” in terms of innovation.

Oettinger Davidoff Chief Marketing Officer Edward Simon noted Davidoff’s initial success in rolling a cigar comprised of seven tobaccos, and with a constant draw, in 2004. The line blended tobacco from Ecuador and six different regions of the Dominican Republic. It was, he said, “an achievement deemed impossible by experts at the time”.

“We are honoured to give aficionados the chance of tasting this outstanding cigar again which is blended with the same Dominican tobaccos which feature in our iconic Davidoff Signature, Grand Cru, Aniversario and Millennium lines,” Simon said.

Robusto Real Especiales 7 achieved 99 points of 100 from cigar specialist halfwheel.com and was said to evolve and progress in complexity with every draw.

The cigar, with a Robusto 48 x 5 ½“ format, has a Habano Ecuador wrapper,  Olor Seco binder from the Dominican Republic and features a filler of San Vicente Ligero, San Vicente Visus, Piloto Seco, Piloto Visus and Olor Seco from the Dominican Republic.

Robusto Real Especiales 7 is presented in wooden boxes which highlight the vintage cigar’s blend. Packs of four cigars are exclusive to travel retail.

Davidoff Robusto Real Especiales 7 will be available from April through selected Davidoff-appointed merchants, at flagship stores and in global travel retail locations.