Davidoff Cigars has extended its programme of custom-made Davidoff Exclusives with 17 editions for 2021.

Davidoff Cigars presents its line-up of 17 Exclusive Editions

Created in collaboration with key retail and distribution partners, the Exclusive Editions are available in limited quantities through selected retailers from July. Travel retail exclusive editions are available in Japan, Korea, Germany and France.

Oettinger Davidoff AG Chief Marketing Officer Edward Simon said: “The Davidoff Exclusive Editions are exceptional cigar creations with customised blends, each as unique as the countries, cities and anniversaries they were made to celebrate.”

Celebrating customer excellence – Davidoff of Geneva 110th Anniversary Exclusive Edition

This year’s highlight, according to Simon, is the Davidoff of Geneva 110th Anniversary edition, which celebrates 110 years of customer excellence and is part of Davidoff’s ‘Crop-to-Shop’ strategy.

“We are very excited to make the Exclusive Editions available to 17 select trade partners in 2021, which allow them to offer custom made blends catering to local taste preferences,” Simon added.

The Exclusive Editions offer a range from medium to full-bodied blends of tobaccos from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Davidoff Exclusive Editions include customised packs for travel retail in Japan (left) and Korea

The Toro cigars are presented in ten-piece personalised boxes, with designs identifying stores or including geographic landmarks which are relevant to the partner, its hometown or country. A second ring on the cigars is also customised to suit Davidoff partners’ preferences.

The travel retail exclusive editions include:

  • Davidoff Exclusive GTR Japan (1,000 boxes; exclusive to travel retail in Japan)
  • Davidoff Exclusive GTR Korea (350 boxes; available in travel retail and at selected Davidoff appointed merchants in Japan)
  • Davidoff Exclusive GTR Istanbul (600 boxes; exclusive to selected Davidoff-appointed retailers in Germany)
  • Davidoff Exclusive GTR Zürich (300 boxes; exclusive to Zürich Duty Free Davidoff of Geneva since 1911 store)
  • Davidoff Exclusive GTR Paris (300 boxes; exclusive to Paris Duty Free Davidoff of Geneva since 1911)

Other 2021 Exclusive Editions are:

  • Davidoff Exclusive Davidoff of Geneva 110th anniversary (2,200 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive Davidoff of Geneva Germany 5th anniversary (300 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive Davidoff of Geneva Austria 10th anniversary (300 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive Liverpool (300 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive Zigarren Dürr (1,100 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive Palmyra (300 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive Brooklyn (300 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive Blend Bar (500 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive New York (2,200 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive Lieb Mexico (300 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive Cigars of Habanos (400 boxes)
  • Davidoff Exclusive Croatia (500 boxes)