USA. Fraport USA has added Paint Monkey, a Pittsburgh do-it-yourself paint studio, to its retail line-up at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The Concourse B studio is the latest in a series of pop-up outlets to open through Airmall Pittsburgh’s POP-OPPs programme.

Paint Monkey encourages travellers through Pittsburgh International Airport to create their own artworks

Paint Monkey offers travellers the opportunity to produce their own works of art on pre-sketched canvases, in a range of sizes designed to fit into carry-on baggage. The artists’ creations can also be shipped to their home or destination.

Paint Monkey also offers spin art and pre-painted merchandise featuring Pittsburgh imagery. Prices for the do-it-yourself creations, which range from cupcakes, robots and unicorns to Pittsburgh skylines and abstract art, start from US$10.

Paint Monkey Owner Joe Groom believes his art studio offers travellers something different to do at an airport

Paint Monkey has four studios in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville, North Hills and Waterfront neighborhoods. It was one of two enterprises recently chosen by Google Small Business for a documentary featuring small businesses in Pittsburgh.

Paint Monkey Owner Joe Groom said: “Pittsburgh loves Paint Monkey, and our studios are a big hit among families, couples and friends looking for a fun and creative activity.

“Bringing Paint Monkey into the terminal is great for travellers of all ages seeking a unique way to make the most of their trip or something different to do at the airport.”

Spin-art and pre-painted works are also available