CHINA. Hennessy has launched a VR experience with China Duty Free Group (CDFG) on TripurX, showcasing the brand’s newly opened boutique at CDF Mall in Sanya to millions of users on the WeChat platform.

The mini-program experience features several interactive activities to showcase the landmark Hennessy boutique, opened in association with CDFG in August.

TripurX developed an online VR shop for Hennessy, showing the boutique’s interior and offering multiple functions. These include cocktail tasting, salon booking, the display of popular products, brand story illustration, personalised Hennessy product and an online lucky draw.

Impressive engagement analytics from TripurX

As of 28 September, those interactive activities had attracted over 1,500 registered users. TripurX has also created a dedicated Hennessy customer group in WeChat, inviting targeted users who are travelling to Sanya to visit the boutique.

So far, three cocktail-tasting salon sessions have been held in the boutique, all booked online exclusively through TripurX. All three were sold out. When users make a reservation online, they choose the cocktail they would like to taste. When they later visit the salon-in-shop, they can not only enjoy the Hennessy exclusive cocktail but also learn how to make it from the resident bartender.

Through the VR shop, users can also enjoy Hennessy’s customised service by selecting a product, typing in their choice of personalisation, and subsequently collect the customised product in-store.

CDFG is a Diamond Partner at the forthcoming Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo (12-16 October) and President Charles Chen is delivering a much-anticipated Keynote Interview with The Moodie Davitt Report Chairman Martin Moodie on day one. TripurX is a Silver Partner.

The Sanya opening marked Hennessy’s first boutique in Mainland China. It was a response to spirits and wines being added to the permissible retail categories within the enhanced offshore duty free policy introduced on 1 July.

Customers are treated to a one-of-a-kind experience that allows them to discover, taste, and purchase the world’s best-selling Cognac while being immersed in the luxury world of Hennessy.

While shopping at CDF Mall, guests are able to experience the circular Hennessy ‘infinity bar’ and sample a range of specially-crafted Hennessy cocktails. Guided by professional Hennessy staff, guests are encouraged to identify the differences in color, aroma and taste of various Cognac blends, while discovering several inventive ways to enjoy Hennessy.

The flagship boutique also features a special personalisation service to customise Hennessy bottles. This allows customers to either take home individualised bottes or gift them to friends and loved ones, thus further elevating the exclusivity of the customer experience.