Earlier today at the Hôtel Miramion in Paris, Coty Prestige officially presented Roses de Chloé, the new feminine fragrance from the house of Chloé. The venue was transformed with flowers, in line with the name and concept of the fragrance, which will be introduced globally from September.

The signature Chloé Eau de Parfum was introduced by Coty in 2008 (Chloé was formerly part of the Unilever stable, acquired by Coty in 2005). Rose was a key ingredient within the juice, but subverted – in the classic Chloé way – to create a fragrance that was described by the brand as vibrant, warm, elegant and seductive.

The Hôtel Miramion in Paris was transformed to reflect the Roses de Chloé universe
The Roses de Chloé fragrance completes the brand’s signature trilogy
This striking ‘floating roses’ display (conceived by Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio) could be adapted for travel retail events

Five years on, Coty has reinterpreted the flower, in the form of a Damascena rose essence, to create Roses de Chloé, composed by Robertet’s Michel Almairac (who worked on the original edp) and Mylène Alran. Other key ingredients include bergamot, magnolia, white musk, cedar and amber.

The flacon is a reinterpretation of the original edp bottle, complete with delicately pleated glass walls (reportedly inspired by the sleeve of a Chloé blouse). The bottle is topped with a silver/transparent cap; a blush pink ribbon adorns the collar.

To emphasise the brand’s belief that the Chloé vision is not about one singular woman, but the varied personalities of all women, there are three different faces fronting the advertising campaign: Tilda Lindstam, Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Esther Heesch. The visual was shot by Fabien Baron.

Lindstam, who was present at the launch, described the fragrance as “easy to like” and “very wearable”. “It’s similar to the signature scent, but lighter,” she explained. “I think it’s the perfect reflection of Chloé fashion.

“And I’m happy that the three of us were chosen [as the fragrance faces],” she told The Moodie Report. “Obviously a shoot takes a little longer when there’s three of you, but I’ve known the other girls a long time and it was great fun, just laying around together on a couch all day!”

Lindstam explained that the brief was simple: to just try and embody what the Chloé girl is all about. “She’s young(ish), strong, with a very simple beauty,” she noted.

“I like all the Chloé fragrances, but this one is my favourite. It really adds something, but isn’t overwhelming and it doesn’t take over. I think it will be a big hit.”

Making the rose bloom anew
Almairac and Alran explained how they wanted to recreate the scent of a specific rose, with a juice that was simultaneously fresh and full of character.

“Roses de Chloé continues the walk through the garden which began with Chloé Eau de Parfum and L’Eau de Chloé,” Almairac noted. “But this time we chose one rose [to showcase]. We wanted to recreate its beautiful smell so that people could give it as a gift all year round.”

The Roses de Chloé noses, Michel Almairac and Mylène Alran

“We focused on the scent of the freshly cut flower,” added Alran, “including the petals, the stalks and the leaves. We tried to take the essence of that rose, and harness it to create something new”¦obviously there are floral notes but there is underlying body too.”

The noses described the fragrance brief as simultaneously rigid and free. “It was strict in the sense that it had to be a logical continuation of the Chloé story,” Almairac explained. “But at the same time it was very open, as it was up to us to decide how to interpret what was required, in a way that would appeal. I think we managed very well to keep the coherence, while developing new facets of the rose.”

Bottling the brand essence
Chloé Marketing Director Philippe Desroche described the fragrance as the third pillar within the Chloé signature trilogy, after the Eau de Parfum and L’Eau de Chloé. Its price positioning will be -10% versus the edp.

The launch will be supported by traditional print and digital media, including an innovative app which will allow the user to “choreograph” the roses that feature within a special I could never be a dancer video, by blowing on a screen.

“This fragrance is the third facet of the Chloé woman,” Desroche confirmed. “We have been very fortunate with Chloé Eau de Parfum, which was launched in 2008. It has been a huge success all over the world. And that means it’s very strong in travel retail too.

The Roses de Chloé launch will be supported by a mix of traditional print and digital media

“Today we estimate that the Chloé signature [scent] is in the top 15 female fragrances worldwide. It’s very strong in Asia; it’s number one in Japan since the launch. Of course the fashion brand is very strong there too”¦But it’s doing extremely well in Europe and also has very good rankings in the US, even if we are not in full distribution there – just 1,200 selective doors.”

Now Desroche is looking to build on that success with the latest chapter in the Chloé signature story. “The idea behind this edt is to push other Chloé values and elements,” he explained. “And it’s been a great cooperation with the fashion house. We strive to mirror them, and to express whatever they do in scent.”

He concluded: “In particular, we wanted to highlight the complicity between women, which is why we chose to have three faces instead of just one in the campaign. It’s a very feminine brand from the [fashion designer] down. Ultimately Chloé is done by women, for women, and we really wanted to emphasise that.”