The Moodie Davitt Report is pleased to present the industry’s first-ever Virtual Coffee Break series during the forthcoming Virtual Travel Retail Expo in association with The House of Somrus and US influencers, fashionistas and golf celebrities the Sadekar sisters, Nisha and Seema.

“Coffee breaks are a natural during a typical Expo day and while we are all attending in a virtual environment, we felt having regular screen breaks would help,” said The Moodie Davitt Report Founder & Chairman Martin Moodie. “But as usual we wanted to do things a little differently. In fact, thanks to Nisha and Seema’s golfing prowess, you could say it’s a case of ‘Anyone for coffee or anyone for tee?’ ”

[Meet the Sadekar Sisters as they welcome visitors to the Virtual Travel Retail Expo]

In an effort to reimagine the traditional respite between The Knowledge Hub sessions, the Expo team worked with The House of Somrus to create a series of entertaining daily snippets for show participants.  “It seemed only natural to work with Somrus, as they are debuting their new Coffee Cream Liqueur at the Duty Free Global Platinum Suite and brought us this brilliant concept,” Moodie said.

Coffee breaks and tee time all wrapped up in one with Nisha and Seema Sadekar

“While we are very serious about making the highest-quality liqueurs, we are equally intent on having fun on our brand-building journey,”said The House of Somrus Director of Global Business Guy May.

“We were pleased and honoured to have the opportunity to create the inaugural Coffee Break series. Our company recently teamed up with Seema & Nisha Sadekar, professional golfers and golf fashionistas, to be our Global Brand Ambassadors. It seemed just perfect to have them create the Coffee Break series for all to enjoy.”

[Somrus Coffee Cream Liqueur, packaged in a stunning rose gold bottle, has been extremely well-received in the US and recently received a 93-point Excellent rating from Wine Enthusiast. Look for the rose gold brushed metallic Somrus stand in the Duty Free Global Platinum Suite. Click on the icon to preview.]

Expo participants can expect to learn new ways to enjoy traditional coffee and pick up some golf and fashion tips along the way.

“This is my favourite-ever travel retail coffee break. I look forward to my daily pick-me-up at the Expo while also picking up some hot fashion and golfing tips along the way,” said Duty Free Global Founder Barry Geoghegan.

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