NEW ZEALAND. Only a few days remain before Christchurch International Airport’s wide-ranging retail Request for Proposals closes.

Five specific sites are available within the RFP, which was launched through The Moodie Davitt Report*. Two of them are prescriptive in their desired offering (see table below) while for the remaining three sites the airport company is open to proposals that complement the overall proposition.

The RFP closes at 5pm on Friday 23 June, and full details can be viewed here.

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Beautiful South: Christchurch International Airport is the major gateway to New Zealand’s South Island

Business 1ntelligence Service offers key insights into Christchurch International passenger traffic

The table below on Christchurch International Airport is courtesy of a new and exclusive relationship between The Moodie Davitt Report and leading travel retail research and analysis house m1nd-set.  The Swiss company recently launched its Business 1ntelligence Service (B1S), a unique air traffic forecasting tool, developed with IATA and ARC’s ‘Direct Data Service’ (DDS) database.

The DDS program is built on travel agency sales data captured through ARC and IATA’s financial settlement systems and ticket sales contributed by airlines participating in the programme. DDS is able to estimate 100% of global airline sales data, including scheduled and charter flights and low cost airline traffic, and will even distinguish between travel classes. For more information e-mail m1nd-set Founder & CEO Peter Mohn at

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