SOUTH KOREA. The Shilla Duty Free has collaborated with skincare label Clinique to introduce an exclusive dual-pack version of the Clinique iD range of customisable moisturisers. The Clinique iD Duo is priced at US$67 in South Korea, S$91.50 in Singapore, and HK$620 in Hong Kong respectively.

It follows the recent launch of Clinique’s new range, which allows customers to combine and choose from five Active Cartridge Concentrates to treat their biggest skin concern (such as irritation, pores, and fatigue) in their own way.

“Pushing the frontiers of travel retail”; the new Clinique iD Duo set, available until 31 July.

Featuring Active Cartridge Concentrates to target both de-aging and uneven skin tones, the Shilla duo set will be exclusively available at the retailer’s stores in South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong until 31 July.

Clinique iD Duo consists of two pre-custom-blended hydrators with the brand’s Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly as their base – a lightweight, oil-free, water-jelly formula –combined with different concentrates for different results.

One comes with the Active Cartridge Concentrate for De-aging to smooth lines and re-plump the skin with Whey Protein, while the other comes with the Active Cartridge Concentrate for Uneven Skin Tone which evens tone and brightens with the Japanese Angelica Root.

The Shilla Duty Free’s flagship Seoul store: The duo set is available through the retailer’s stores in South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

“We are excited to further strengthen our partnership with the Shilla Duty Free Group by introducing an exclusive set of Clinique ID custom-blend moisturisers, which will only be available in The Shilla Duty Free stores across Asia Pacific.,” said Clinique Regional Brand General Manager, Travel Retail Asia Pacific Bart Dubbeld.

“With its personalised approach to skincare, we believe the Clinique iD hydration system speaks to every man and woman. In this special duo set, customers will find an innovative and effective solution to both signs of aging and uneven skin tones.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Clinique to launch this duo set of its novel Clinique iD custom-blend moisturisers,” said The Shilla Duty Free Executive Vice President Young Hoon Kim.

“We look forward to an exciting year of collaborations such as these with our valued partners, bringing fresh and exclusive beauty offerings to our customers as we continue to push the frontiers of travel retail.”