Clinique’s new CC Creams: on-counter in April

Earlier today, at Claridge’s in London, Clinique unveiled its latest complexion perfector, Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30 Hydrating Colour Corrector. The multi-functional product will be launched in the UK in April; travel retail will mirror the corresponding domestic market distribution.

As its name suggests, CC Cream (a successor – but not a replacement for – the brand’s popular BB Cream) is a colour correcting treatment product that enhances the skin’s natural radiance. It also hydrates, protects and perfects, according to the brand.

The formula features dual-layered colour correcting optics that scatter light multi-dimensionally to neutralise the skin’s complexion for an instantly brighter, natural glow. These optics visibly correct a range of concerns, Clinique claims. Dull, ashy skin appears luminous and brighter; sallow, yellow skin assumes a peachy glow; and blotchy redness is banished.

Clinique’s CC Cream also features a blend of sun screens for UVA/UVB protection, and antioxidants such as vitamin E, to protect against environmental damage. It is available in six shades, and delivers lightweight, moderate coverage. It can be worn alone, or layered under foundation and/or powder.

“The skin’s tone actually shifts very gradually over time, and that shift differs depending on ethnicity,” explained Clinique Executive Director Global Product Development Ida Wong, at the launch event. “For example, lighter skins may become dull and red; deeper tones may become ashy and lacklustre; Asian skins may look yellow and sallow.

“The colour correcting technology in this product works on all skin tones,” Wong emphasised. “The shade range is tightly edited, but thanks to the way we have developed the formula, each shade really bridges a wide range of skin tones, making selection very simple.”

She added: “CC Cream also offers instant and exceptional hydration [in line with the Moisture Surge franchise]. We have included wonderful hydrators such as aloe, hyaluronic acid and trehalose in the formula. These deliver instant and long-lasting moisturisation that stays comfortable all day.”

Wong also pointed out that CC Cream was first and foremost a skin care product, with make-up properties added. “We constructed the formula as skin care first,” she explained, “and then we built in some of the colour correcting technology which addresses all those tonal shifts. This product is clinically proven to provide long-term moisturisation, and colour corrects by 68%, across all skin tones and concerns.”

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30 Hydrating Colour Corrector is available as a 40ml, and will be priced domestically at around £28 (£23.80 in travel retail).

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All present and Correct at Claridge’s
How well do you know your alphabet? In beauty terms, it’s time to brush up on your ABCs, as a new skin care trend gets ready to make its presence felt. Brace yourself for Clinique’s CC Cream. 2013, it seems, will be all about Correction (yet another Fifty Shades of Grey effect?).

Interestingly, in certain markets the new CC Cream will be offered under the auspices of Clinique’s Superdefense franchise, as opposed to its Moisture Surge moniker. “In most markets, with the exception of [mainland] Europe, CC Cream will be offered as Moisture Surge,” confirmed Wong. “Across Europe it will be Superdefense. The formulas are a bit different, but will leverage the same colour correcting technology. The reason is that Superdefense is such a popular franchise within the European market, that it made sense to proceed this way.”

In a statement post-event, Clinique further explained: “Clinique’s brand strategy is to create products with regional relevance. The brand understands that different consumers have difference beauty needs. Today’s shopper is also a global consumer and it’s important for clients to be able to purchase their specific products during their travels.

“Clinique’s new CC Cream formula’s primary focus is to address the shift in skin’s tone by using advanced colour-correcting technology to neutralise skin’s complexion for an instantly brighter, healthy, natural glow. Since we live in a global, fast-paced environment, not only can skin use an instant boost, women are looking for beauty products that are multi-functional that they can grab and go.

“In order to address the needs of women in different parts of the world, Clinique has incorporated colour-correcting technology into two daily moisturisers. In select European markets, Clinique will offer Superdefense CC Cream SPF 30 Colour Correcting Skin Perfector, which includes active ingredients like anti-oxidants, to help prevent the early signs of ageing – a primary concern for this region. In other parts of the world, where hydration is a priority within a skin care regimen, Clinique will offer Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30, which provides immediate and long-term hydration.”

When asked to sum up the key difference between BB and CC, Wong told The Moodie Report: “The biggest difference is texture. Our BB Cream offers a semi-matte/matte finish, and the coverage is much fuller. The new CC Cream has a much more lightweight texture, which melts into skin, giving moderate coverage and a very natural finish”¦it is sheer but transformative.”

The launch will be supported with a number of initiatives, including an innovative Magic Mirror counter tool, and intensive BA training.