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FRANCE/AUSTRIA. Swarovski, the world’s leading producer of precision-cut crystal, has signed a license agreement with Thierry Mugler Parfums, a company of the Clarins Group, for the creation and worldwide distribution of the first ever “Swarovski Beauty” line, to include Swarovski fragrances, make-up and a beauty accessories collection.

The launch date is scheduled from 2010.

The range will be distributed in selective perfumeries, prestige department stores and Swarovski stores worldwide.

Clarins Group CEO Christian Courtin-Clarins commented: “We share the same values of respect, tradition, expertise, innovation and independence as Swarovski. We are indeed the perfect couple”.

Swarovski Executive Board Member Markus Langes-Swarovski said: “Swarovski’s position in the luxury market today is the result of the company following the philosophy of our founder, who was also my great-great grandfather, to continuously engage in new market challenges and in products that express the poetry of precision and create joy and emotion.

“In this project we have found a family-owned partner that shares this philosophy and one we are convinced will join with us to make “Swarovski Beauty” a luxury brand that we will all be proud of.”

Thierry Mugler Parfums President Joël Palix added: “Fifteen years after the incredible success of Angel, this new collaboration is a dream come true. Swarovski is a truly distinctive brand in the world of luxury and how beautiful to imagine a unique fragrance captured in the heart of Swarovski finest cut crystal.

“We will develop “Swarovski Beauty” with the same excellence, distinctiveness and consumer focus as for Thierry Mugler Parfums. Our common objective is to achieve a long-term and sustainable success in the world of cosmetics.”

Meet the Perfect Couple

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What kind of products does the agreement involve?

It is planned to launch a comprehensive line of fragrances, make-up products and diverse beauty accessories, always capitalising on the uniqueness and high quality of the Swarovski brand.

What will be the name of this new activity?

The new entity in charge of developing and distributing Swarovski beauty products will be called “Swarovski Beauty”. It will be part of the Thierry Mugler company, which in turn belongs to the Clarins Group.

What is meant by beauty accessories?

Thierry Mugler and Swarovski will jointly develop and distribute innovative beauty care products such as perfumed jewellery (with solid perfume for example) or personal grooming/beauty accessories such as decorative refillable powder compacts and other accessories that may contain make-up or fragrances.

Will those beauty accessories not cannibalise the Swarovski Beauty accessories products of the existing range?

Swarovski’s own range of personal grooming/beauty care accessories – such as hair accessories – will definitely not be cannibalised by the new products. The new products will enhance the current range while at the same time they will place a greater emphasis on the link between Swarovski and “Beauty”.

Swarovski crystals are often used on the packaging and flacons of other brand fragrances. How will you avoid confusing them with the Swarovski branded fragrance?

Swarovski values the fact that other luxury brands have chosen to embellish their (mostly) limited-edition products with CRYSTALLIZEDâ„¢ – Swarovski Elements , but the Swarovski Beauty range is an entirely different concept. It will have its own distinctive image that will be very different from other brands. This can also be clearly illustrated by the fact that although Swarovski has its own brand jewellery collections, other top international brands and designers still create their own designs using CRYSTALLIZEDâ„¢ – Swarovski Elements.

The current Swarovski advertising visuals show the “Three Graces” and the models used in this campaign have unique make-up. Was this an inspiration for your future line?

The Three Graces campaign personifies the three core Swarovski values of Ingenuity, Poetry and Technology. At the same time the Three Graces represent radiance, joy and generosity. These are all qualities that can be taken as inspiration for the new Swarovski Beauty Range.

When will the launch take place?

Thierry Mugler has demonstrated the importance of taking time to develop a unique essence and a creative bottle for each of its existing fragrances. Thierry Mugler Parfums and Swarovski will do the same for Swarovski Beauty in order to create a range of amazing and very distinctive products. The launch is therefore expected in 2010.

Will the brand Swarovski Beauty be launched as a kind of “big bang” all over the world or will it be introduced in stages?

At this stage we would plan a big bang launch in the major fashion cities of the world.

How important a region is Asia?

Asia is one of Swarovski’s fastest growing and most important markets and Swarovski has a very strong presence via its comprehensive network of own stores throughout the region. This would be an important and very logical market for us for Swarovski Beauty.

Where and how will the products be distributed?

The products will be distributed in selective perfumeries and prestige department stores worldwide capitalising on the extensive organisation and network of agents of the Clarins Group. Additionally it is also planned to offer this range in the extensive existing network of Swarovski stores and to access the travel retail market, where we see a strong development opportunity.

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