JAPAN. Choya Umeshu is targeting the duty free business with an innovative new package that caters to gift-giving shoppers. The pack will provide a sample of Choya products that will combine to make up one litre.

Choya Umeshu’s new pack will contain three 300ml bottles of premium Choya liqueur – Choya Extra Years, Extra Shiso and Royal Honey – with two additional 50ml bottles of Extra Years. The one-litre pack will be priced at JPY4000 (US$44).

A branded bag for the pack – which will double as a cooler bag – is under development ahead of a proposed launch by the Northern Hemisphere summer.

The new one-litre pack from Choya will target the duty free channel

“We will introduce this set to any duty free market we are currently selling in, including Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia,” said General Manager Overseas Department Masahiko Kondo.

“We created this solution because of feedback from customers that they would like to purchase products to give away, and we thought providing more bottles within a one-litre set might be effective.”

Choya Umeshu is launching the product as it looks to capitalise on more positive market conditions in its key markets so far in 2010, and is aiming to increase duty free sales by about +11% in 2010, said President Shigehiro Kondo. Kondo said he saw excellent sales potential with the planned expansion of international services from Tokyo Haneda Airport. Later this year Choya Umeshu will also unveil a new product range.

A full profile of Choya Umeshu will appear in a forthcoming edition of The Moodie Report Digital Print Edition.