Japanese ume fruit liqueur specialist Choya has partnered with French confectionery company Abtey Chocolaterie to create Choya Selection chocolates.

Choya said it hopes to attract new consumers into the Japanese ume liqueur category with its range of chocolate liqueurs.

Choya Extra Years contains traditional home-made style ume liqueur; Extra Shiso uses red shiso and Royal Honey features honey and royal jelly

Choya Selection chocolates were developed over three years, contain 100% natural ingredients and are GMO-free. The chocolates are made from a special production method which does not use sugar crust and the cocoa content is at least 51%.

According to Choya, the tartness of the ume fruit matches well with the taste of dark chocolate. Three different types of liqueur chocolates are available: Choya Extra Years, Choya Extra Shiso and Choya Royal Honey.

Following an ‘encouraging’ test period at Kansai and Narita airports, Choya said it will roll its Selection Chocolates out to the duty free channel in 2018.