cabeau-logo-01 Consumer travel products specialist Cabeau has become a member of the Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association (APTRA).

Cabeau is the first travel accessories company to join the association and said the membership represents its dedication to strengthening its regional presence.

Cabeau Founder and CEO David Sternlight said: “Joining APTRA is another step in the right direction for Cabeau in becoming the number one travel accessories brand in Asia Pacific. We are dedicated to the travel retail channel; we want to help grow the business and protect it when challenges arise, and this is a key objective of APTRA. To be the first travel accessories company to join APTRA is a real pleasure; we want to lead the way in the travel retail industry.”



Air Evolution: One of the many Cabeau neck pillows on offer in travel retail

The APTRA membership will allow Cabeau to participate in and benefit from:

• Technology-led initiatives, seminars and conferences where APTRA serves to facilitate contact between members
• Intensive consumer and market research
• Regular communication where APTRA seeks to spread awareness and knowledge about the industry and the importance of travel retail for governments, airports, airlines and related businesses
• Regional monitoring

The geographical area covered by APTRA includes countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Central Asia and Oceania.